Pixi Double Cleanser Review

fullsizeoutput_4eeI decided to review Pixi Caroline Hirons double cleanser. So first of all the packaging is very sleek and simple, which I liked a lot. It is $24 from target which is a little pricey for a drugstore cleanser but I had heard great things about it so I decided to purchase. My skin is very hard to shop for, it is very dry sometimes, very sensitive, acne prone, and red.  So at first when I heard double cleanser I was a bit hesitant to try it, but I am glad I did.fullsizeoutput_4ef.jpeg The left side is the solid cleansing oil. This oil melts off your makeup while hydrating your skin. The right side is the cleansing cream which gently cleans, and soothes your skin. The first thing I liked about this product is that it didn’t have a scent, which some people may not like, but for people with sensitive skin it is great. It is really gentle and moisturizing and I can actually get away with not putting a moisturizer on right after. The only bad thing I can find about this product is that it doesn’t help very much with oily acne prone skin. But I love this product for my sensitive dry skin and will be repurchasing this product again.

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