Birchbox – September

DSC_0201.JPGFor those of you that don’t know what Birchbox is, it is a beauty monthly subscription box. It is $10/month for 5 samples. You take a quiz about your hair, skin, favorite colors for makeup, etc. There are 3 different blog options. You can choose that they send you a normal box which has 5 samples that you can view. You can choose one of your samples, and let them surprise you with the rest, or you can just let them surprise you with all of your samples (the option I normally choose). The samples come in a beautifully decorated box with a description of each product inside. It’s a great way to discover drugstore to high end beauty products without spending tons of money.DSC_0208.JPG

The first product I am going to be talking about is Evologie, Intensive blemish serum. It comes in a small little tube. I tried it for a few nights and liked it. It kept my acne at bay and helped my old spots heal. I didn’t notice anything spectacular about this product, but it did the job and worked all right.

The second product is Daily Concept, Your facial micro scrubber. This is a small little mitt that you use to exfoliate your face. I have never used one of these, but I fell in love with it. I have sensitive skin so finding an exfoliator that doesn’t irritate the heck out of my skin is hard. But when you use this facial scrubber you can use it with your daily cleanser. It makes it so much easier to exfoliate your skin when needed, and customize it to your skin. Birchbox sent me the gentle version because of my skin sensitivity because of the quiz I took.

The next product is Glamazon stick highlighter. I have to be honest, I don’t actually care for the color of this highlighter. It is a bronze color, which I don’t like very much. I prefer a more light color that actually highlights. You might like this if you like a bronze and dewy look, but it’s really not for me. However I discovered I really like it as an eyeshadow. If you color your whole lid and blend it in it actually looks very nice.

The fourth product is Nest Fragrances, Indigo Eau De Parfum. They describe this scent as Moroccan tea, Kashmir wood and black cardamom are enhanced with hints of wild fig and bergamot. This sounds like a woodsy scent to me, and didn’t sound like something I would normally like. But I actually love this scent! It does smell a bit woodsy but mixed with a nice floral scent also. It doesn’t smell like the classic “Grandma scent” but a nice modern smell. I really love it.

The last product is Beauty Protector, Protect and oil. This is an oil to keep your hair healthy and shiny. It smells really great and helps keep your hair smooth. I can imagine this would work great if you straighten your hair a lot. It makes your hair very shiny and silky.

I really love getting a Birchbox every month and being able to test out different beauty products and skincare products without spending a fortune! I hope you enjoy this blog and I will hopefully be reviewing next months Birchbox.

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