Benefit – Erase Case

DSC_0243.JPGI recently purchase benefits new Boing Erase Case for $26.00. It is a tester size kit with all 4 of their new concealers included. It comes in a small pencil case, and when I say pencil case it is actually a pencil bag. I am going to be reviewing each of their new concealers.

DSC_0253.JPGThe first concealer I am going to start with is the brightening concealer. They describe this as full coverage concealer. I really like this concealer for covering spots. It is a bit darker than the others so it is not the best for under eye concealing or brightening, but for just covering small spots it is great.

The next concealer is my favorite concealer in this kit, it is the hydrating concealer. It comes in stick form, but not like anything I have ever seen before. This concealer is like a chapstick, the inner circle of the stick is the concealer but around that is a really hydrating, chapstick like formula. Benefit called this the sheer coverage formula, but I disagree. This concealer has actually quite great coverage. It blends super easily and is just easy to wear in general. I use it everyday to cover under eye circles along with the next concealer I will be talking about.

This concealer is the Airbrush concealer. I use this every day to cover my under eye circles and it is absolutely amazing! It is super creamy and blends really well. This is called the medium coverage concealer of the kit, but paired with the hydrating concealer it is quite a full coverage mix. It is also great at covering redness and spots.

The last concealer I will be talking about is the industrial strength concealer. I am going to be honest. I do not like this concealer. It is almost an orange color that does not match the rest of the concealers. It is not moisturizing and it flakes off. It doesn’t conceal as well as the other concealers and I would not recommend it.

But in the end I will be repurchasing the hydrating concealer and the airbrush concealer.  I would definitely recommend purchasing this kit so you can try out the concealers yourself and see what you like! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please let me know if you have any feedback or ideas for future blog posts!

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