How to Look Better Without Makeup

So I know I do makeup reviews and don’t get me wrong I love makeup, but it is nice to have a makeup free day. To some people these can be scary. This post is going to be a list of things you can do to enhance your natural features and feel better about yourself!

1.  Castor Oil

Use castor oil on your eyelashes or brows to help them grow. I have been using it for 2 weeks and I already notice a huge difference in the length and volume of my eyelashes.

2. Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil as a natural moisturizer. It is really soothing and nice for sensitive or dry skin. It also stimulates hair growth so you can use this to help your eyelashes or brows grow.

3. Use a Toner

I use a natural rose water toner. Rose helps lock in the moisture on your skin and helps soothe redness and irritation. Most toners help even out your skin tone and reduce acne.

4. Use a Face Mask

Find a facemask that is meant for your skin type. Lush has a ton of face masks that are for a variety of skin types. Or make a DIY face mask with natural ingredients.

5. Cleanse Your Skin 

I recommend cleansing your skin every night to remove makeup and remove dirt from your pores. Removing dirt and makeup from your pores will unclog them and reduce acne.

6. Don’t Use Irritating Products

If you have anything that you notice causes redness or acne then don’t use it. You could have an allergy or it is just not working with your skin type. It could start to cause other problems with your skin.

7. Use an Exfoliator

Exfoliators are really nice to help reduce acne and smooth out your skin. I really like to use baking soda because it is pretty gentle and easy to use. If my skin is starting to look bad I will use this and most of the time it will work wonders.

8. Focus on Skincare Not Makeup

If you think about it is kind of pointless to invest in lots of makeup to cover up your skin when you could just fix the problem. So think about what you can use to fix the problem not just cover it up.

9. Drink Water

Water is really great for your skin, so if your skin starts to get really bad, drink nothing but water and it will help.

10. Look at Your Diet

Most of the time your diet plays a role in your skin. I know my skin will break out and my under eye circles will darken if I eat junk food or anything I am allergic to.

I hope these tips help you feel more confident without makeup on! Thanks for reading! Please like and comment any future ideas for blogs.

3 thoughts on “How to Look Better Without Makeup

  1. I’ve come across this post just at the right time. I’m trying to have a makeup free week. I want to see if there is a difference in my face. And I’m hoping I don’t mind going out bare faced because that will save me a lot of time and energy😂

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