Beauty and Skincare Haul

fullsizeoutput_4f2This weekend I visited Ulta and a few other stores and bought a few products. So I will be going through them and telling you my first impressions and how I like them.

Bare Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation – $30

I have tried an old version of this and I liked it so when I ran out I decided to repurchase it. I got it in the shade Sateen 05 and it is perfect for my skin tone. I love this so much! It is a nice formula and it sits on your skin so nicely. The packaging is sleek and simple and it comes with a nice amount of product. I could rave on and on about this product but I won’t so long story short, if you like a lightweight powder foundation that doesn’t cake on your face, then get this amazing foundation!

Andalou Naturals Floral Toner – $11

I really like rose water toners so thats why I decided to try this one. It is nice, I like that it’s not just rosewater and it has other nice ingredients in it that are good for your skin. I also like that it is natural, so you know it’s actually good for you. It is for sensitive skin, but it turns out that I am allergic to it. I think the Mario Badescu rose water toner makes my skin feel better.

IT Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector and Concealer – $30

This under eye concealer is one I have purchased before and I really love. I have dark under eye circles and this product is the best product I have found to cover them. I am the lightest shade and it matches my skin very nicely. I really like the color because it is not yellow or orange which most concealers are. It is also very smooth and not cakey on your skin.

Nature Works Calendula Cream – $11

This moisturizing cream is for dry, irritated, sensitive skin. I think this is a nice product that really moisurizes my skin, and does not irritate it. I like that this is a simple and natural product that is nice for sensitive skin.

Organic Skincare Doctor Rose Otto Face Scrub – $15

This product smells so good and seems amazing. I haven’t actually tried it but my mom has and she says it is really nice. I think this is a reasonable price for how much comes in the tube.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Ec-glow-sion Moisturizer – $65

This moisturizer is so expensive but is it worth it? While shopping in Ulta we found this put some on our hand. It soaked in very fast and wasn’t oily but moisturized your skin so nicely. It has small beads in it that dissolve when you smooth this over your face. It doesn’t really irritate my skin except for some burning sensation every once in a while. I think I will really like this product after using it for a while.

Thank you for reading this blog post! comment, and like if you enjoyed it! Also let me know what other posts you would like.                 – Briana



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