The BEST Under Eye Concealer

I have really dark under eye circles, and any one who has them knows they are a curse. I have tried so many concealers to try to brighten and cover them up. But a TON of concealers don’t work very well so I will be letting you know my favorite concealer to use, and some of the other ones I have tried in this post so keep reading.

One of the concealers I have tried is the NARS radiant creamy concealer. This is $30. It comes in a tube with a brush on a wand and you blend this into your skin. This concealer is so sheer. I did hardly anything to conceal my under eye circles and it gets cakey so fast.

Another concealer I have tested out is the Tarte CC Undereye Corrector which is $25. This  I applied with my finger. This one is probably the one that came second but it still wasn’t as good as my favorite one. It is cakey but it is not as sheer as any of the others.

A different concealer is the Benefit Boiing Concealer. I don’t know how much this was because it is an older version. This concealer was cakey and orange and the colors are not natural and look orange.

I also tried the Benefit Airbrush Concealer which is $20. This doesn’t cover very well on it’s own and also looks orange. It look very cakey on your skin too.

Finally the BEST under eye concealer is……. IT Bye Bye Under Corrector and Concealer. This is $30. I love this concealer because it is so creamy and such a nice color that matches my skin so nicely. It is heavy enough to cover my really dark circles but feels light. I apply it with a brush and then blend it into my skin. I really recommend this product to any one with dark circles!

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