10 Gift Ideas!

Hi every one, now that thanksgiving is over it is safe to post holiday posts. This one will be gift ideas (Some beauty some not) that aren’t super expensive. Enjoy!


Relaxation Needer

First choose a color theme, I am going with pink. Then get a glass mason jar and fill it a quarter way up with bath salts in your color. Get other accessories to help you relax. I got  socks, nail polish, a nail kit, a nail scrub and a hard scrubby. All in the color I chose.

Sweet Lover

First get a mason jar. You are going to make layers so next fill up a layer with powder hot chocolate. Then put a layer of marshmallows that cover the top of the hot chocolate layer. Repeat these steps until the jar is almost full. At the top put some crumbled candy cane.

Hot Cocoa Ornament

Get a clear ball ornament that you can open. Fill it 3/4 of the way up and at the top add marshmallows.

Skincare Lover

This present would be perfect for a beauty lover. Get around 6 packets of face masks. Tie them all together with festive ribbon.

Advent Calendar Lover

Get 12 or 24 small boxes or gift bags. Fill them with one thing in each bag. Include items like: chapstick, nail polish, hand sanitizer, lipstick, socks, lotion, bath bombs, jewelry, chocolate, candy, face masks… etc. Label each bag for each day.

Hair Lover

Fill a cute box with hair supplies like hair masks, hair bands, and other hair accessories.

Starbucks Lover

Get a Starbucks cup that you think they would like. Fill it with a Starbucks gift card, and other accessories you think they would like, like nail polish lotion or candy.

Gift Card Lover

Buy a few $5 gift cards to their favorite stores. Put them in cute festive card holders.

Beauty Lover 

Buy a cute makeup bag, maybe a festive one?? Fill it with makeup brushes and or nail polish.

De-Stress Needer

For some one who needs to destress get them some tea, face masks, nail polish, lotion, and bath salts. Put it in a cute bag.


Thank you for reading! like and comment!       -Briana

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