Black Friday Haul!!

fullsizeoutput_4f8.jpegHi everyone! I finally spent Thursday night and Friday shopping. I definitely did not spend as much as some people do, but I spent more than I usually do. I went to a few stores and it was a lot of fun, so enjoy!

Forever 21 

I bought a few things here, the only thing I bought for my self was a mirror with two sides. One side is normal and the other is zoomed in. I have been needing a mirror and this one was only $5. The other two things were gifts. I got some cute knitted socks and a blue makeup bag they were each $5.

Bath and Body Works

I bought quite a few things here because it was buy 3 get 3 free, but only two of them were for me. The two things I got were home fragrances which are $6.99 each. I got the scents tis’ the season and twisted peppermint. As you can tell I am in a festive spirit. They both smell amazing, especially tis’ the season, it smells like Christmas to me.


To be honest Sephora wasn’t having the greatest sales but I couldn’t resist on buying something. The first thing I got was a double sided brush set. It was $48 for 5 double sided brushes and a case. It is super nice and is a full face set. The other thing I got was Kat Von D Lock it Brightening Powder. This was $25. It works really well from what I can tell. The last thing I got from Sephora was the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I ordered this online so sadly it wasn’t here in time to do this post. It was $35.


Now to get on to the Christmas decor I went to HomeGoods. They had a lot of cute Christmas stuff but I couldn’t afford much more. The only thing I got was a tall rose gold sparkly christmas tree. It was $12 and looks super cute in my room.


Of course my room would not be complete without lights so I picked up some dewdrop lights. They were $14 for a long roll.

Pet co.

The last place I went was Pet Co. It is our 2 dogs Birthday on November 30th (Expect a blog post). We had to get them some present. We got them several toys. They have a very nice selection of Christmas stuff for your pets.


That is all I got this year! I am very thankful for everything! Thank you for reading, like and comment if you enjoyed!    -Briana


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