Christmas Wish List/ 50 Gift Ideas

Hi everyone! This post is going to be a gift guide/ My wish list. I definitely do not expect all of this, but I thought it would help give you ideas of what to get also. So enjoy and leave a comment of other ideas or things you think I would like!

  1. PINK Robe
  2. Bath Tray
  3. Too Faced Hangover Setting Spray
  4. Urban Outfitters Carson Multi use shelf
  5. Pink, gold, and grey pillows
  6. Bathroom or bedroom organizers
  7. PINK Sweatshirt
  8. Deck the Halls Lush Gift Set
  9. Cute Sweathers
  10. Urban Outfitters T-Shirt jersey Duvet Cover
  11. Nike Sweatshirts or jackets
  12. Phone Case
  13. Too Faced Mascara mini
  14. Cozy socks
  15. VS PINK underwear
  16. Mini Laura M setting powder (This is where my list stops)
  17. Chapstick
  18. Beanie
  19. Nail polish
  20. Face masks
  21. Makeup brushes
  22. Polaroid Camera
  23. Liquid Lipstick
  24. Hair Tools
  25. Plants
  26. Clothes
  27. Slippers
  28. Lush stuff
  29. Nai kit
  30. Gift Card
  31. Starbucks cup
  32. Pajama’s
  33. Books
  34. Fandom stuff
  35. Movies
  36. Food
  37. Stuff for their pets
  38. Bath Bombs
  39. Soap
  40. Makeup sets
  41. Eyeshadow Palette
  42. Candles
  43. Lotion
  44. Home scent thing
  45. Mini hand sanitizer
  46. Makeup Bag
  47. Portable Charger
  48. Home decor
  49. Cook book
  50. Jewelry


I hope these ideas helped you this year! Merry Christmas! like and comment if you enjoyed!      -Briana


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