How I Cleared My Skin (Not clickbait)

Hi! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, times have been very busy. So today I will be talking about how I cleared my skin. I will tell you about everything I have been doing to get the results. My skin is pretty much clear with a pimple every now and then and a few fading acne scars. I have sensitive dry skin in some areas of my face and oily areas as well. So I will talk you through my everyday routine keep reading! PS. I put the products name in bold.


The first thing I do is melt some coconut oil in my hands and then rub that on my eye makeup. This helps melt my water proof mascara off of my face. If you have really dry skin you could use this to remove all of your makeup instead of just the eyes.

After I remove my eye makeup I use the Philosophy Purity one step cleanser to remove the coconut oil and the rest of my makeup.

Once all my makeup is off I exfoliate my face with baking soda. I do this every other night just to clean the dead skin off of my face.

Finally I use Alba Botanica acne dote deep pore wash. This helps to fight break outs on my oily acne prone areas.


I use Nature works Calendula cream on the dry areas of my face then I put Bliss Exglowsion moisturizer on top of that.

Then I put Rose Hip Seed Oil on my acne scars. This helps fade them so well.

Then I use Acure Seriously glowing facial serum.

Finally I put some Castor Oil on my eyelashes to help them grow.


In the morning I use one more product, I use the Alba Botanica Acne dote oil control lotion. This just helps my oily areas not get oily throughout the day.


Thank you for reading this! Please give it a like and comment any suggestions!    -Briana

One thought on “How I Cleared My Skin (Not clickbait)

  1. These are great tips Briana 💖. I’ve never heard of the baking soda idea so thank you for sharing! I used to get spots on my chin but ever since I’ve cut out milk they have disappeared. I do need a good moisturiser though as I swim a lot so my skin gets dry, I’ll definitely check out your recommendations. Great post and love your blog! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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