How to “Update” Yourself

Hi everyone! So today I will be talking about how to update or refresh yourself. Everyone gets sick of the way they look, or feel, so I will be telling you how to get rid of that!

Cut Your Hair

If you feel like you really want to change your self, get your hair cut. Whether it’s dramatic or just a subtle cut, it will make you feel a bit different.

Color Your Hair

If cutting your hair doesn’t work for you try a new color or highlighting your hair. this will give you a refreshed feeling.

New Hair Styles

If you really don’t want to cut your hair I recommend trying out new hairstyles. Look on Pinterest and find new hairstyles you would like to try out.

Style Icon

Find someone with a sense of style you really like. Try to look in your wardrobe for pieces that could match their style. If you don’t have anyone to copy use Pinterest to find some inspiration.

New Clothes

If you can afford it go out and get yourself some new clothes. I really like shopping for new clothes but I also love shopping at thrift stores. They are an amazing way to update your style without spending hundreds of dollars.

Old Clothes

Experiment with some of the clothes in your wardrobe that you don’t normally wear. Once you step out of your comfort zone with your style you feel a lot better.

New Makeup

Use Pinterest to find a new style of makeup that you like. Or if you can afford it, treat yourself to a new eyeshadow palette or something like that.


I think your eyebrows make a big difference in your look. Plucking my eyebrows makes me feel a lot more refreshed. I also like to lightly fill mine in just to give them a bit of shape.

Be Healthier

One way to make yourself feel better is to be healthy. I don’t mean to stop eating junk food, but just do small things like drink more water, take vitamins, or try not to eat as much sugar. When I stop eating sugar I feel so much better and energized, so give it a try.

Be More Active

This really helps me feel better about myself, I like to exercise at night or after a long day just to get the stress out before night time. Being active could mean anything from going on a small walk or a long gym session.


I hope this post gave you some inspiration to try something new. I have been doing all of these things and I feel so much better about my style and everything. Thank you for reading! Like and comment if you enjoyed!      -Briana


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