Beauty Tips That Changed My Life

Hi everyone! Today I am going to be going through some beauty tips that have been so helpful. Also before I get started go check out my new YouTube Channel.

1. How to Keep Your Eyelashes Curled ALL DAY

In order to actually curl your eyelashes and keep them curled all day use waterproof mascara. My eyelashes would never curl until I tried this. You can see the mascara I use in one of my makeup routines.

2. Oil Control

If you have oily skin use a oil control lotion before you apply primer. This just helps control the oil on your face throughout the day. You can see the lotion I use on my skincare routine.

3. Coconut Oil

Waterproof mascara is really hard to get off and can damage your eyelashes if you aren’t careful. In order to get it off gently use a bit of coconut oil. Just massage this on your eye makeup for a minute then use your normal face wash to remove it all.

4. Water

Drinking water really helps clear my skin because water helps remove the toxins and bad things in your body.

5. Natural Products

I have personally noticed better results with natural brands and essential oils. They are better for sensitive skin in my opinion.

6. Sugar

I have noticed a HUGE difference with my self not just my skin when I don’t eat sugar. My skin seems glowy and I don’t get as many spots when I try not to eat sugar. I also feel a lot less tired and in a better mood.

7. Deeper Cleanse

In order to remove all of my makeup I like to either exfoliate with baking soda or just rub a gentle face towel or face exfoliator over my face. This just helps gently remove the dead skin or any makeup that might be left over.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and they helped you! Thank you for reading please like and comment if you enjoyed!      -Briana

5 thoughts on “Beauty Tips That Changed My Life

  1. I always use coconut oil to remove waterproof mascara, too, its pretty much the only thing that will get it off for me ahah. These were great tips! (:

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