Tips For Lazy Girls Morning Routine

Hi everyone! Today I am going to give you tips to help your morning routine be faster and more enjoyable. Please go subscribe to my new Youtube Channel.  we do funny challenges and other things!

Drink Water

When you first get up be sure to drink a few gulps of water. This has been proven to be more effective on people vs a cup of coffee.


I know I can’t wake up without watching some TV or Youtube so in order to fit that in to my busy morning I watch TV while doing my makeup or getting dressed. It saves me some time.

Minimal Makeup 

Whether it’s for school or work you really don’t need to wear much makeup. Some days it’s fun to do more but on a daily bases only do the basics. I use concealer, foundation, brows, and mascara.

Plan Out Your Outfits

This saves me so much time! On Sunday I plan out all my outfits for the week. It’s not set in stone so you can change them if the weather is different or you just aren’t feeling it, but it gives you a back up outfit.

Style Your Hair At Night

If you know you aren’t going to have a lot of time in the morning try to style it at night. Maybe put it in braids so it’s curly or use curlers to curl it.

Protein Bars

I am normally never hungry in the morning so I always eat protein bars. They are really quick and easy to eat.

Listen to Music

Whenever I am driving in the morning I listen to music. It wakes you up and puts you in a good mood.


I hope these tips help you! Please like and comment if you enjoyed. Thank you so much for reading!      -Briana

5 thoughts on “Tips For Lazy Girls Morning Routine

  1. Great post! Having a morning routine is honestly so important. I’ve found it makes for a much more productive week. Recently I started making eggs each morning with lemon water since it’s recommended by fitness bloggers. But protein bars seem like a great idea for when I’m in a rush.


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