Photography Tricks and My Favorite Pictures

Hey everyone! Today I will be talking about some photography tricks and also showing you my favorite pictures I have taken. I hope you enjoy please like if you do!

First of all I use a Nikon D3400 camera.

The first thing I have learned about photography is that editing can make any photo look so beautiful. I don’t use any editing software I just adjust the brightness and just experiment a bit with the settings.


This is my favorite picture I have taken of our new dog Apollo, if you haven’t seen my blog about him go check it out. I edited this picture in order to make it brighter.


The next picture is not edited but I really like it because of the colors and the road. I also like that the shadows. I am a dancer so my friend and I decided to have like a dance photoshoot. Those aren’t my feet but I took this picture.



These next photos I really love because they capture something seasonal. Trust me it was hard to wrap Christmas lights around my dog and get her to stay still. I haven’t edited these but they could both do with some brightening.


This picture is also a favorite of mine, I could have edited it to make the colors brighter, but sometimes I like to leave things the way they were taken.

I also have a lens for distance zooming. It is incredible for getting great pictures of something farther than normal away with out compromising the quality of the picture. If you are doing something such as taking pictures of wild animals or where you are far away this lens would be perfect.


This last picture is beautiful because of the snow falling. I upped the brightness and the color. That way her eyes would pop.

I really like this camera because it blurs the background and focusses nicely.

For pictures of products I like to have a nice background. One time I used my sisters velvet bean bag that was a pretty color blue. Another time I used marble wallpaper. I have also pulled up a background on google and taken the pictures in front of my computer. All of these improvisations worked fine and I think still looked decent.

Finally the last tip is to use as much natural lighting as possible. The pictures of videos look so much better that way.

If you want to follow my photography account on Instagram it is @photographyonnikon

That is everything! I hope you enjoyed! Please like and comment any other tricks you have.       -Briana

11 thoughts on “Photography Tricks and My Favorite Pictures

      1. I use it a lot for video, blog photography and just fun photography, so I really love it and think it was worth the price. I don’t really know what selection of cameras that are available or if there are any cheaper ones.


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