Summer/Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

Hey everyone, today I will be sharing some of my favorite pieces and things that I really want for summer or spring. I got all of these images from Pinterest. If you don’t have Pinterest you should definitely check it out it is super amazing and fun! (Not sponsored by the way)


The first thing I love is a simple colorful and soft loose t-shirt. I think this is so cute with shorts and sandals. Its very casual and cute.


This dress is so cute and looks so breezy. I love the open back and the super cute print. It would be easy to dress up or down. I also like the messy hair style.


These shorts are so cute and comfy. They are simple and also can be dressy or casual whether they are paired with sandals or heels. I recently purchased a pair of these except they are black and white plaid pattern.


I really like how simple this bathing suit is and how modest it is. It is really practical and cute. I also love her beachy wave hairstyle.


This last outfit is probably my favorite. I really like the crop top with the long skirt. It seems like it would be a very comfy fun outfit if you are on a vacation. I would probably wear sandals instead of heels. The jewelry and hairstyle is also very simple but lovely.


I hope you all enjoyed this post. Please like and comment if you did!     -Briana


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