How to Help Your Blog Grow

Hey everyone! today I will be sharing some of the tips I have learned to help me grow my blog. I haven’t been blogging for that long but I have learned these things along the way. I hope you enjoy. PS. Please leave any other tips you have.


I have noticed a huge difference in my post views when I include photography. People would much rather read a post that has quality pictures than a boring post with no visual. It also makes your blog more professional when you have high quality pictures.

Social Media

TWITTER!!! I only use twitter and it is so helpful. You can alert your followers when you post and have a link to it. There is a large blogging community that is very supportive (Like this if you are part of it!) on twitter.


I use up all of my allowed characters on any tweets with hashtags. For example on an announcement of a new post I will use things like #newpost #beautyblog #lifestyleblog #read #retweet and things like that. This gives you more exposure.

Blogger Follow Sprees

The blogging community on twitter have many blogger follow sprees. All you have to do is retweet the tweet, follow everyone that retweeted it, and leave your links. That way people have a link to your blog and will most likely follow you because you retweeted it.


I always try to read, like and comment on other bloggers posts. I really appreciate it when other people do that to mine so I like to repay the favor.

Notice Things

When you first start blogging you don’t have an audience or many views so make sure to take not of what grows your following and views. Notice which blog posts were the most popular and why. Then use that to grow.

Be Regular

I don’t have an exact schedule but I try to post every 2 or 3 days. I don’t know why but when you are consistent about posting posts you will get more views and followers.


Make sure you are blogging because you enjoy it and not any other reason. If you don’t actually love blogging it will reflect into your work eventually. Also don’t base your blog off of how many followers you have. It truly doesn’t matter and you will grow eventually.

Think of Yourself

Everyone understands that life gets busy and there are more important things than blogging. So if you need to take a break and have one less thing to worry about at the moment then do it. People will totally understand and everything will still be there when you get back.

Use Categories and Tags

I know in WordPress you get the option to use tags or categories. I think these are very helpful to get your posts out there. When you are editing a post there will be a tab to the right that says categories and tags. Just type in everything your post is about and it will show to someone that searches for any of those topics.


Ok I hope you all enjoyed this and it helped you in some way. Keep in mind I am not that experienced. Please like and comment any other tips!      -Briana


8 thoughts on “How to Help Your Blog Grow

  1. Great post! I love how there was a short description under each one. Not too long. Perfect leangth. I’m guilty of writing too much and it drags outs my posts ahaha it was just perfect. Keep up the awesome work! 💋

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  2. Twitter too is my favorite …I have a little doubt over hashtags . Your tips are really helpful for new bloggers ..Keep motivating and helping ..😊

    Liked by 1 person

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