How To Be Healthier

Hi every one! Today I am going to be giving you a few tips to keep healthy. I am definitely not the healthiest person but I was hoping these would help some of you. Also can you PLEASE comment some blog post ideas, thank you and enjoy!


This is the most important one for me. Try to stay away from sugar. I know it’s hard and it seems impossible, but it helps me feel so much better. Dark chocolate treats help satisfy your sweet tooth and aren’t bad for you. Once you get off sugar you will feel less tired and have clear skin with more energy.

Allergy Testing

I got allergy testing done a few years ago and it helped me a lot!!! I am allergic to Garlic, Gluten, Pineapple and Peanuts. Once you eliminate your allergies from your diet you will feel a lot better and be way healthier also.

Drink Water

Water is so important, it helps rid your body of the bad things. Try to drink as much water as possible in a day.

Infused Water

It is also good for you if you add lemon or lime or tea to your water. It adds more flavor which helps you drink more. It is also good for you!

Green Tea

Green tea is so good for you in many ways. It is good for your skin and metabolism. I really like having a warm cup of green tea everyday.


I know that exercise isn’t some peoples thing but it is good for everything… literally everything. Any kind of exercise (dancing, running, walking etc) is good for you even if it isn’t hard. Pilates and Yoga are so good for you and for relieving stress.


Yes breathing. Look up different breathing techniques and spend like 10 minutes everyday doing the breathing exercises. This helps calm your mind and body and is also good for you.

Go Outside

Being in nature is always good for your mental and physical health. Even if it’s just a walk or bike ride there are plenty of ways to incorporate exercise into nature. It makes exercise more fun and interesting.


I hope you enjoyed these tips, I tried not to include the basic ones. Please like and comment if you enjoyed!    -Briana


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