Summer Fashion and Beauty Wishlist

Hey everyone! Today I will be showing you some pictures from Pinterest. They are some of my fashion or beauty wishlist for summer. If you don’t use Pinterest you definitely should! I use it so much for inspiration! PS this isn’t sponsored.


This first outfit I love so much! These wrap dresses are getting very popular, but I think they are so cute and perfect for summer. They are all really light and flowy with cute patterns. I also love the bag and shoes with this one because it makes the outfit so beachy.


This next outfit I love because it looks cute, casual, and comfy. I like the shorts and how they can be paired easily with anything. It seems like a perfect outfit for anything summer throws at you, like a hot day, walk, or beach.


This outfit is probably my favorite! I really like how the skirt and shirt go together. This would be perfect for a special occasion. I like how girly it is, and the bell sleeves add a cute touch to the whole outfit. You could add some heels to make it even fancier or add a comfy pair of sandals.


This outfit is very cute and a bit different. Overalls are very comfy and very versatile. I also love the striped shirt because it makes it a bit dressy paired with the heels.


Two things about this picture… first the makeup. I like how natural it is and how it looks glowy and beachy with her hair. Second I like her t-shirt. Simple t-shirts pair well with anything especially with dainty jewelry.


For this outfit, I really like her hair and the open back shirt. I think the hair looks very beachy and effortless while still looking really beautiful.


Finally this bathing suit, I love this so much! It is so simple and cute. I also think the back is really cute with the ruffle. I like how it is practical and comfy but also cute.

That is not all of what I love from Pinterest, but that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed, comment and like if you did. Also please follow me, it would mean so much to me if you did. Thanks!         -Briana

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