April Favorites

Hey everyone, Happy May! This month went by so fast, but also couldn’t go fast enough(let me know if you can relate haha). Today I will be showing you some of my April Favorites. I really like reading these so I want to start doing them more but whenever I actually have favorites it’s in the middle of a month and then I forget them hahaha. So anyways enjoy! ps follow my twitter @BlogBriana

Zoella’s Girl Online Books


The first favorite of mine are Zoella’s book series Girl Online. They are really good and keep you hooked all the way through. I really love them!



So first let me just say I hate the way this tastes. I heard it has so many benefits like it being super good for your immune system and your skin. But I tried making a Matcha Latte and I hated it (I ended up plugging my nose and chugging it). Let me know if you have any good recipes that doesn’t really just taste like grass. But anyways I like this for skincare. I put this in a face mask (see down below) and I think it makes my skin look nice. I think I might try to choke this down for it’s health benefits but will mostly use this for my skin. You can see all of the benefits above.

Milk Makeup


I have been so obsessed with Milk Makeup lately. I really want to try everything that they have for sale. I like the natural glowy makeup especially for summer and I want to try the skin tint, concealer, serum, mascara, and a lot of other things. I also think the packaging is so cool, in the picture is the skin tint, which rolls onto your skin. Let me know if you have tried anything from Milk Makeup and if you liked it!

Face Masks

I have been trying to use more face masks lately and some of my favorites are The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Clay Face Mask and DIY ones I make. Here are the ingredients:

  • Matcha Powder
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Clay
  • Honey

You can really customize this for your skin type, just look up face masks for… and add your own ingredients into this.



I have been trying, key word trying, to be a bit healthier lately. So I got some protein powder from Costco to put in smoothies. I like to use it in some fruit smoothies for breakfast or lunch. It fills me up and also is really good for you. Although it does have a certain grainy taste, but it’s not bad. I normally have strawberry and raspberry smoothies. I included a recipe in My Weekend Morning Routine.


This is a TV show I found on Netflix. It isn’t one of my top favorites of ALL but it is interesting and I like it. It is like a sci-fi futuristic TV show. They just came out with season 2 also, which I have been watching.


That is everything I have loved! Most of these images came from Pinterest. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Please like and follow my blog too! Thanks!   -Briana


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