How To Prepare For Summer!!

Hey everyone!!! So I don’t know if it has been sunny where you live, but it is where I live so… yay!! But it makes me really excited for summer, so I thought it would be fun to start doing SUMMER VIDEOS!!!! So enjoy, and please follow me!


In order for your tan (whether it be natural or from tanning lotion) to stay longer you need to moisturize! I really like to use coconut oil spray moisturizer all over my body. On my face I use tea tree oil, rose hip seed oil, and Aveeno daily moisturizer (yes on my face). This makes it so your skin doesn’t dry out and flake off taking the tan with it.

Change Your Hair

At the start of summer I feel like we all need a change in our hair. Because it’s hot I like to cut my hair a bit shorter. Also you can lighten your color or just get subtle highlights. In about a month I will be getting my hair done so let me know if you want to see a hair transformation post!


During the summer I really don’t want to be bothered with much makeup, so I want my eyelashes to actually show. Here are some different tips for achieving this look:

Grow them: In order to help them grow put castor oil on them at night and then use a mascara wand to apply some vaseline over the castor oil.

Lift and tint them: I really want to get my eyelashes lifted and tinted. This helps them curl on their own and be darker. Let me know if you have gotten this done before.

Extensions: If you want a more dramatic not as natural look go with eyelash extensions.


Before summer you want to look and feel your best so some easy things to achieve that are to cut out sugar. When I do this I feel so much better and also my skin clears up. Drink a lot of water which also helps your skin clear up. Take vitamins that you need so you are feeling super great and healthy. Also try to eat healthy and don’t eat too much junk food.


Like I said, in summer you don’t really want to be bothered by makeup, so you want your skin to look glowy, fresh, and healthy. You want to step up your skincare game before summer. Try to do a face mask every week, whether it is a DIY face mask or store bought. See my April Favorites for my favorite face masks.

Things To Do

During the year we are always excited for summer, but once it’s summer we don’t know what to do. So make a list of things you want to do now, so you can refer back to it in the summer. I am also going to be publishing a post with tons of ideas too so be on the look for that!

That is everything! I hope you enjoyed please like and comment if you did!  -Briana


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