Summer Hair Inspiration

Hey everyone!!! Before I start talking please go and follow me on my new Instagram account @bbeautyandlifestyle! I will follow you back! Ok so today I am showing you some summer hair inspiration. As you have heard I am going to change up my hair a bit so please let me know which one you like best. ps I got all of these images from Pinterest.


I really like that haircut in this picture. I like that is is layered and kind of messy but cute. I think this length hair would be nice for summer because you can style it but it also isn’t too long.


I really liked the color of this girls hair. I wanted to get subtle highlights and I thought this looked really beachy and simple.


I don’t think I would really do anything like this color on my hair (my hair is brown), but the cut is cute. I also like the beach waves that look very simple.


Her hair is so pretty, even though I wouldn’t get something like this done I thought you guys would like it. I like the cut for fall because it is a bit longer.


Finally for the last picture, I like the cut of this girls hair. It is really cute and simple yet not too long or too short. Her makeup is also really beautiful!

That is all of the pictures, please like and comment if you enjoyed!

Which one of these hair pictures is your favorite? 

Which one should I get?




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