Summer Life Hacks

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be giving you some summer life hacks. I asked which post you guys wanted to see next and this one won by a bit, but don’t worry I will do the other one as well. So here are the summer life hacks!


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Beachy Waves

Throughout the summer I think the look of beachy waves looks so cute, but it can take a long time to curl your hair to achieve that look. To save a lot of time put your hair into two dutch braids over night. If you want them to stay longer get your hair wet before you braid. In the morning take out the braids and you have easy beachy waves. Don’t brush the curls out or else they will frizz.

Save Your Phone

Summer is for adventures. So in order to keep your phone safe during your adventures to the beach or near water put your phone in a plastic ziplock. That way it stays clean and dry.

Better Eyelashes

So during the summer I don’t wear as much makeup. Without makeup I look like I don’t have any eyelashes so to fix this curl them. If they don’t hold the curl apply some vaseline on a mascara wand. Vaseline helps your eyelashes grow, look darker and stay curled.

DIY Clothes

During the summer I like to have lots of cute comfy clothes, but clothes are so expensive. Go to your local craft store and get some t-shirts for cheap, also get iron on patches and designs to decorate them. You can also grab things like pom poms to make it a bit fancier. I will be doing a blog post about this in a while so keep your eyes peeled.

Highlighted Hair

If you want your hair to look a bit highlighted during the summer without getting it died put lemon juice in it. Then go outside for a while. Do this several times and the lemon will naturally lighten your hair and bring out your natural highlights.


If you get sunburnt, freeze some aloe vera into an ice tray. Then once it is frozen rub it on your sunburn. This will help cool it off as well as help it heal.

Cold Water

If you want your water ice cold, fill up your water bottle about 1/3 filled. Then put it on it’s side in the freezer. Once it is frozen fill it the rest of the way up. Then you will have ice cold water!


Baby Powder

If you are going to the beach this summer bring some baby powder. Once you are done at the beach put some baby powder over the areas that are sandy. This will help the sand stay off of you. You can also use baby powder as dry shampoo. It is a lot cheaper.



If you want to keep up your fitness during the summer find fun ways to exercise. Instead of going to the gym go on a hike, bike ride, swim and anything else that is outside! If you actually enjoy what you are doing it will be so much more fun and you will exercise more.

Sugar Scrub

If you want super soft legs use this recipe for a sugar scrub:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Honey
  • Olive oil/Coconut oil

Use this to scrub all over for super soft skin. You can also do this before you shave just to scuff away the dead skin for a better shave.

Sea Salt Hair Spray

If you want a different way to get soft beachy waves or you want to intensify the waves from the first life hack use this DIY Sea Salt Spray:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Salt
  • Hair Gel
  • Water

Just spray this onto the ends of your hair and scrunch it up.

That is all of the summer tips I have! I hope you enjoyed! If you did please like and comment!

Question: What are you most excited for this summer?

All images from Pinterest.


6 thoughts on “Summer Life Hacks

  1. I’m most excited to take my little guy to the beach 😊 great post. I will definitely try the sea salt hair spray. These are great tips!!

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