How To Achieve Your Dream Summer Look

Hey everyone! So question… what do you think of when you hear summer or dream summer look? I think of tan skin, glowy skin, cute beachy hair, hot weather, summer fashion, and cute pictures. So I am going to be telling you how to get this look! PS Answer the question at the end and I will go check out your blog!

Tan Skin

In order to be tan you have to go outside. So make sure you spend time outside without getting burnt. Also make sure you moisturize all over your body. If you don’t the tan skin will get dry and flake off. So make sure to moisturize everything!

Glowy Skin

Next in order to get glowy skin, either don’t wear makeup, or wear only a little. When you don’t wear makeup your face will tan evenly and be fresh and gorgeous. If you are going to wear makeup stick to the basics and use light amounts. MILK Makeup seems perfect to me for summer if I was going to wear makeup. Also for a beachy look do stronger eyebrows and less of everything else (this makes your makeup look very natural).

Cute Hair

So most days of summer are pretty hot and sunny, so I like to have shorter hair in the summer. To prepare cut your hair shorter and I am also getting mine highlighted. Comment down below if you want me to do a before and after of my hair. To get beachy waves use a salt spray or sleep in dutch braids.

Summer Fashion

For cute summer fashion I like to stick to the basics. Some of my favorites are cute T-shirts, tank tops, jean shorts, off the shoulder tops, romper, skirt, and fancy shorts. I also think having a plain body suit can make a really easy outfit. One of my favorite and cheapest places to get these things are forever 21.

Natural Look

When you wear little makeup you want to look glowy. So in order to keep your look natural get your eyelashes tinted and lifted. This makes it look like you are wearing a light amount of mascara and curled your eyelashes. Also let me know if you have tried this.

Be Healthy

In order to have glowy skin and not gain weight try to be healthier. I try to stay away from sugar. Just try to make healthy choices, and DRINK WATER!!!!


In order to get cute pictures go on adventures! I will be posting a list of things to do in the summer soon. Go do something fun outside with family, friends, or pets. You will also get tan when you are outside so it’s a win win. Some of my favorite things to do are to hike with my dogs, and go to a lake or river.

That is everything! I hope you enjoyed! Please like and comment if you did!

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