Easy DIY Summer T-Shirts


Hey everyone! Today I am going to be making some DIY T-shirts! I got all of my supplies from Hobby Lobby! Answer the question at the end for a twitter or Instagram shoutout (leave your link).

So first of all I got a lot of iron on patches and also a template. I got 4 plain t-shirts that were less than $3. I also got 1 Dr Who t-shirt because I love Dr Who. It is a mens medium so it’s going to be huge but I am going to try to make it cute.

So the t-shirts aren’t very cute to start with so I am going to cut them and then roll up the sleeves.


The first thing I did was paint my first t-shirt (one on the far right). It was super easy to use the stencil and some paint, to paint this design on. It says get to the point, which I thought was super cute and sassy.


All of the other t-shirts were using the iron on’s. So I ironed on the patches and then cut them to the length I wanted. After that I hot glued the sleeves rolled up.

I really like how you can make these cropped or not. Some of the ones I made were almost cropped and others were a bit longer.

These turned out so cute! I love them and I think they are perfect for summer. They were so easy to make and I am really happy with how they turned out.

So those were the 5 t-shirts I made for super cheap! I hope you enjoyed! Please follow me and give this post a like if you did! Thanks!

Question: What is your favorite clothing store?

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