Summer Essentials

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be talking to you about summer essentials! Now that it is getting closer to summer I am really excited and want to start planning things out. So  these are all the things I need for summer!



The first thing you need is a great perfume. I really like tropical fruity scents in the summer. Also get a roller ball perfume so it is easy to take it with you on the go. One of my favorites right now is the Gucci Bloom perfume.

Glowy Makeup 

You also need really glowy natural makeup. Milk Makeup or Glossier would be the best for this look, or no makeup at all. That way you get a sun kissed glow naturally!

Summer Wardrobe 

You also need a big selection of outfits for summer. See my Summer Fashion Wishlist for ideas. I like a good variety between sporty and cute. I love to look at Pinterest for some summer inspo. A few of the things that are a summer clothes necessity are romper, flowy shorts, and loose t shirts.


A cute and practical bag is always necessary especially if you are adventuring or shopping during the summer! One of my favorites is a cute mini backpack, that way you can carry all of your things super easily.

Good Book

Every body needs a good book to read when things get boring. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is read outside in the sun. Some of my favorite books are the Mazer Runner, and Monument 14.


You also need a great moisturizer so your tan stays longer. I like bath and body works because they have moisturizers that smell really great. I also really like rose hip seed oil for my face.

Portable Deodorant

Something else you need is a portable deodorant. I have a mini one from Secret, It is super cute and small so you can fit it in a smaller bag.

Nail Polish 

Being a dancer I like to cover up my bruised toe nails with a nice nail polish during the summer. I have really been loving light pink, and light blue colors for this season.

That is everything I think is important to have for summer. Thank you so much for reading! Please like, comment and follow me if you enjoyed! Thank you so much!

Question: If you could have one thing through the summer what would you have?





7 thoughts on “Summer Essentials

  1. A new wardrobe. I’m in need of an upgrade. I will def have to check Pinterest for inspiration too and invest in some of the clothing items you recommended .

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