My Summer Morning Routine

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be talking you through my summer morning routine. Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy! ps image from Pinterest.


Wake Up 

The first thing I do is wake up around 8:30/9:00 maybe. I don’t have a set time, but normally it is around there. I put in my contacts right away so I am not completely blind.


The next thing I do is check my phone, I know this is bad to do right when you wake up but I do it anyways. I check my emails and social media for about 15 minutes.


Then I will exercise to help wake me up. I will either walk my dog, or do a routine inside. If I walk my dog it is a bonus because she also gets some training and I get exercise. If I don’t walk her I normally just do a short ab and leg workout.


After I am done exercising I will get some breakfast. I have been eating either toast with banana and almond butter, or fruit salad. I also make sure to drink a lot of water to help me stay hydrated and wake me up.

Get Ready

After I have eaten breakfast I will normally get ready. This includes me doing my skincare routine and my makeup routine. Most of the time I don’t wear makeup during the summer, and if I do I only wear mascara. So this step doesn’t take long. I love to watch Youtube or Netflix while getting ready. I will do my hair and also get dressed. Most of the time in the summer I wear Nike shorts and a tank top.

Normally if I am in a hurry this routine will take about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. But I am normally not in a rush so I take my time.


That is my morning routine that helps me start the day! Thank you so much for reading! Please like and comment if you enjoyed!   -Briana

Question: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning???

3 thoughts on “My Summer Morning Routine

  1. I feel like it takes me all day to get ready. I need to start a morning routine to help me with consistency. Thanks for posting this. Gives me somethings to start working on Monday morning. 🙂

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