What I Eat In A Day (Meal Ideas)

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you what I eat in a day. Please follow me if you aren’t already and lets get into it.



For breakfast I decided to have a peach smoothie. For this peach smoothie I blended together:

  • Frozen Peaches
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Protein Powder
  • Stevia Drops
  • Egg White Protein

This was my first time making this smoothie and it didn’t really taste like anything. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t spectacular. I think it did the job of filling me up. I think this would have been a lot better if instead of peaches it was raspberries.



Next for lunch I had a taco. This was a huge taco from a restaurant near me. It had beef, onions, hot sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes. It was pretty good and was really filling.


For a snack I had some fruit and sun chips. I had some raspberries, blueberries, and cherries. I also had some salted sun chips, which are the best chips in the world. For a desert I had some dark chocolate squares.



Finally for dinner I had grilled chicken, asparagus rice, corn, and sweet potatoes. The chicken was grilled and was amazing. I had it with honey mustard sauce. The sweet potatoes were cooked with brown sugar and cinnamon and were also amazing. This filled me up perfectly and was so good.

That was everything I ate in a day. Obviously it was pretty healthy for me. I didn’t really want to do one of these where I eat a bunch of junk food, which I don’t normally do but anyways. Thank you so much for reading! Please like and comment if you enjoyed!

Question: If you could only ever eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner which would you choose???

6 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day (Meal Ideas)

  1. I’ve had experiences with making foods that are not that great. Haha. I hate it. To answer your question, would choose breakfast. It’s supposed to be your hardiest meal of the day. Plus it gets my morning going 😁

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