What I Eat In A Day (Healthy Meal Ideas)

Hey everyone! Today I am going to share with you everything I eat in a day, which will also give you some meal ideas. Also please follow me if you aren’t already!



For breakfast I at some banana almond butter toast, and some fruit. I used gluten free bread, because I am trying to be gluten free (I am allergic) and added almond butter and bananas on top. Then I had a large slice of watermelon with some raspberries. I think it was a pretty good breakfast, that was easy and fast to make.



For lunch my family and I went out to a local restaurant, where I ordered a pesto panini. It had mozzarella, red onions, pesto, chicken, spinach, and tomatoes. As a side I got some gluten free onion rings that were very tasty. This sandwich was so huge, but it was delicious.




For a snack before dinner I had a slice of watermelon, and then a few hours later I ate some gluten free crackers with hummus. This hummus is actually the spicy hummus from Trader Joe’s that I talked about in my June Favorites post. This snack was super yummy and was also really filling.



I had dinner really late, but for some reason I wasn’t super hungry like normal. So I ate a salad and some fruit to keep it light. The salad was a Cesar salad with bacon, lettuce, dressing, croutons, and pepper. It was amazing! For fruit I ate a lot of grapes and a mini orange.

That was everything I ate in a day! Please like and comment if you enjoyed! Thank you so much for reading!   -Briana

Question: What did you eat for breakfast??

16 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day (Healthy Meal Ideas)

  1. What you eat in a day look healthy! I wish I could plan healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it’s kind of hard for someone who likes to eat like me :”D For breakfast I eat rice (because rice is the main food in my country) and usually eggs or chicken nuggets with soup 😀

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    1. Ya, same with mine. I am trying to branch out. The eggs with spinach sounds good, I will have to try it sometime.


      1. You’ll love it! It’s how I get my veggies in. You can’t really taste the spinach in it either. Also, you can try and make a breakfast burrito or omelet with the spinach too.


  2. I love almond butter and banana on toast, it’s so good! 🙂 I’ve been having a protein shake or a banana lately, though, because I’ve had braces fitted so toast is a bit of a struggle.

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    1. Oh, well I hope you are able to eat toast soon. I don’t know how long I could go without toast.


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