Summer Fashion Inspiration

Hey everyone! Today I am going to show you some of the fashion inspiration I have been loving lately. Please follow me if you aren’t already! Ps All of the images are from Pinterest.

I love this outfit! I think it is really casual but also super cute! I have a pair of shorts like this and I really like the idea of paring it with a crop top. I also think the necklaces make the outfit come together.


This next outfit I wasn’t completely sure about. It is not my normal style, but it’s growing on me. I really like how the skirt and the tube top go together.


This next outfit is definitely my fav!!! I really like how it is a romper, so it feels like you are wearing shorts, but it looks like a dress. I never really wear dresses but I love the way they look, so I feel like I would wear this so much if I had one. If you know where to get one please let me know!!!!


I really like the style of this dress. I am not sure how the yellow color would look on me, but it is definitely cute on her. I also love the open back look.


These next two outfits are super cute. I really like how simple they are but also how fashionable they are. I love them both and would probably wear them to the beach or on vacation.


Since this is summer inspiration I thought I should include a bathing suite. I think this one is super cute. I really like the cross in the back, and the fabric looks really comfortable. I don’t like the bottoms, they are too cheeky for me, but I would definitely love that top.


Those are all of the outfits! Please like and comment if you enjoyed!   -Briana

Question: Which was your favorite outfit???

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