BoxyCharm or Ipsy??


Hello! I am going to be telling you the pros and cons of Ipsy and Boxycharm. I have had each of these for a couple months and I think I got a good idea of each one. But first please follow me if you aren’t already.

Pros of BoxyCharm

  • More for your money. BoxyCharm is $21 for 4-5 products each month.
  • Full Sized Products. You get 4-5 full sized products.
  • Good mix. Good mix of different products and brushes.
  • Eyeshadow Palettes. There are quite a few palettes included in boxes.

Cons of BoxyCharm

  • Unpopular brands. Most of the brands I had never heard of.
  • Odd colors. In most products the colors are the unwanted ones. It seems like they mostly give the colors that no one bought.
  • Not customized. There are a couple different boxes you can get with different colors or products, but it isn’t really customized off of what you like.
  • Clutters your makeup. If you don’t like the products it takes up a lot of room because it is full sized.


Pros of Ipsy

  • Cheaper. Ipsy is $10 for 5 samples a month.
  • Relevant brands. Ipsy has brands that are more popular and well known.
  • Bag. Ipsy includes a small makeup bag with each months subscription.
  • More customized. I wouldn’t say Ipsy is completely customized, but it definitely uses your results from the your beauty quiz to customize your box.
  • Good mix. It has a good mix of each type of product.
  • Usable products. Pretty much everything is easy to wear and isn’t to much of a statement product.
  • OK size. The sample sizes aren’t too small. They are enough for you to get a taste of the products.

Cons of Ipsy

  • Bad if you like the product. It is inconvenient if you like a product and you only have a mini size.
  • Small size. Obviously the products are tester size so they aren’t full sized.


So overall I am going to say the winner is Ipsy for me. I like having better brands, even if it means them being sample sized. I also like just testing the products out, especially to review them on my blog. I also like that Ipsy is cheaper, even though with BoxyCharm you get more. I like more natural makeup, so I didn’t find myself reaching for some of the products from BoxyCharm.

So I hope that helped if you are trying to decide on a subscription box. Please comment and like if you enjoy! Also let me know if you want me to review my Ipsy each month. Thank you so much for reading!   -Briana

Question: Do you have a subscription box? If so do you like it??

2 thoughts on “BoxyCharm or Ipsy??

    1. Yes, if you want to get full sized products. I really liked it for a while. I guess I just got bored of the same brands. Thanks 😊


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