My Most Embarrassing Stories!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be telling you some of my most embarrassing stories. But first, follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!

The Wall

The first story takes place when I was probably 12 or 13. I had just made a new friend I will call her Ann. So anyways Ann invited me to go to her house for I think the first time. Her family is pretty big. I went to her house and we had fun all day long.

Later we got really bored and didn’t know what to do. I decided we should prank/attack Ann’s older sister (that I didn’t even know), I will call her Julia. So we decided to prank Julia even though Ann was a little scared to.

We passed notes underneath her door pretending to be someone in the house or something. We also picked the lock on her door and hid in her closet with nerf guns. We attacked her when she came in, and then hid in Ann’s room with the door locked afterwards.

We were really scared she was going to get us back really bad. So basically we were cowering in her room. After a while we started to get less scared. Then all of a sudden we here something bang into her window and see someone. The scary thing is that her room is on the second floor so someone was on the roof at night.

We freaked out and started screaming. It didn’t really occur to us that it was Julia. For some reason the bed seemed like the safe place even though it was right next to the window. We both went flying with force onto her bed. I smashed into the wall and then landed on her.

After Julia climbed through the window and we all started laughing we noticed a dent in the wall. I had smashed my butt into the wall so hard that I dented it. The dent is still there and their family thought it was funny.

My Name

This takes place in 10th grade. I was really shy in most of my classes especially in my English class. The teacher was a younger guy who was kind of nice and kind of annoying.  I had had this teacher the year before for my 9th grade English class. Anyways the teacher said he was going to get me out of my shell, which made me mad because I am not shy, just in school and classes I don’t like.

He would call on me and try to get me to answer questions. Which made my face turn really red, which my friends would tease me about. He would always pronounce my name wrong. I don’t even try to correct people because so many people pronounce it wrong. But my friend had different ideas.

She is basically a loud mouth, but she is nice. So one day after her class when there were a couple people in the room, she says loudly “Mr unamed you have been pronouncing Briana’s name wrong this whole time and she hasn’t told you. Its Bri-ann-a not Briaaaaana.” I practically died. He said “You should have told me! I can’t believe you haven’t told me for two years!” So then through class he would make a big deal about pronouncing it right.


This one also takes place in 10th grade. I was taking an advanced pottery class which was so much fun because I had it with one of my best friends. I took this class second to last of the day. If you don’t know what pottery consists of you shape something out of clay then cook it, then glaze it (which is the color) then cook it again.

So I had made a pot a few days ago and I wanted to glaze it. There was a sub there that was fairly annoying and actually was talking to my friend about his scabby elbow. Anyways I went to go grab my glaze and you have to shake it in order to keep it mixed before you paint your pottery. So I went to shake it and when I started to shake it hard, the lid flew off and glaze went all over my clothes and hair.

The sub shouts “Don’t eat it!” and it was already in my mouth. Also one of the popular girls in the school who is supposedly really nice started laughing at me with her friend. I went to the bathroom and tried to clean it off, but some of it had already dried. I only had one more class left (my English class lol) so it wasn’t too bad but still.

Those are my embarrassing stories! I hope you enjoyed them! Please like and comment if you did! Thank you so much for reading!  -Briana

Question: What is your most embarrassing story??  Please tell me I am really curious lol!

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