How To Get Ready For School FAST!

We all have those days where you take forever to get ready, so today I am going to give you some tips on how to get ready fast. These are tips you can do to prepare for school and make it easier. Please follow me if you aren’t already, and enjoy!

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Plan Out Outfits

The first thing you can do to make it easier in the morning is to plan out your outfits in advance. If you haven’t tried this before, definitely try it! There are a few different ways you can do this.

The first one is to pick out your outfits at the beginning of the week. I just write them down in my notebook and then refer back to that on the day of the outfit. You can also choose them the night before, but normally I didn’t have time to do this during the evening.

The next way is to have an album of pictures in your phone that has all of your outfits. Just take pictures in some default outfits that you can wear. That way you will never freak out because you don’t know what to wear in the morning.



The next thing you can do to be faster in the morning is to do your hair the night before. My favorite thing to do is to braid my hair into two dutch braids the night before. If you hair is on the thin side, braid it when it is wet. That way it will hold all day. If your hair is thicker just mist it with some beachy waves spray.

My favorite way to do this is to braid it loosely. That way it looks like you actually curled your hair. But if you want tighter wavy curls braid it tightly. Make sure you brush your hair before you braid it. Then in the morning just take out the braids and go.



If your like me and you really like your iced coffee in the morning but struggle with time, then this tip is for you. I make my coffee in my Keurig which is already pretty fast, but this hack takes less time. I always make my coffee at night.

I will make the coffee in the Keurig, add my sweetener, then put it in a mason jar and the pop it into the fridge. Then in the morning I will just add my syrup, almond milk, and ice. It makes it super easy to make sure you get your coffee in the morning.


Focus more on your skin care, than your makeup when you are trying to get ready faster. If your base and your skin is taken care of, you won’t need as much makeup on top of it. Also use hydrating products so your skin looks glowy and fresh.

There are also tinted moisturizers that would be perfect for when your late. It is a two in one product that saves a lot of time. You also don’t have to waste time with a brush, just rub it into your skin with your hands.


If you do decide to wear makeup have a quick makeup routine. Let me know if you would like to see a makeup routine for when you are late post.

Use products that don’t just do one thing. Use a cream blush that can also be used on your lips. Or use a powder that sets your makeup, while also blurring your skin.

Permanent Makeup (kind of)

If you are like me and you take a long time to do my eyelashes (curl them and then try to get them to stay curled) I would really suggest you get an eyelash lift and tint. It saves so much time in the morning and also makes you look better without makeup on.

You can also get a brow tint, because I know some people take forever to do their brows. These things will really help you to get ready faster, or maybe feel more confident without makeup on.



Try to find foods that don’t take very long to make or eat, and also are good for you. Some of my favorite things to eat are protein bars, smoothies, and toast with almond butter and banana. Look up quick breakfast ideas on Pinterest and plan out your meals.

Also have some backup breakfasts that you can just grab and go. For me that is a protein bar or one of those protein cookies. That way if you get really behind you can eat in the car or in school (maybe).


Next tip is to watch TV or Youtube while you are getting ready. I went through a phase where I needed to wake up like 30 minutes early to watch tv before school. Now I watch Youtube while I am doing my makeup or getting dressed.

You can also listen to podcasts or music in the car while you drive. This helps me wake up a bit and stay awake. It also helps the morning be more interesting and enjoyable.

Keep It Clean

Keep your space clean. Whether it’s your closet, bathroom or room make sure you keep it clean. That way you know where everything is when you are trying to get ready. Also when my space is clean it helps me feel less stressed.


If you normally shower in the morning try showering at night. It will save time in the morning when you don’t shower and also you won’t have to dry your hair. Also it is really relaxing to me to shower at night.

Those are the tips to help you get ready faster for school! Thank you so much for reading! Please like and comment if you enjoyed! -Briana

Question: What part of your morning routine takes the longest??

5 thoughts on “How To Get Ready For School FAST!

  1. Great post! I’m not in school anymore, but this would have been so useful and might still be useless when I start working full time cause I’m sooo not a morning person! 😂

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