August Favorites!

Today I am going to be showing you some of the things I have been loving during August. It was my birthday month, so I got to try out some new things. Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!

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I recently got a few things from Glossier and I am in love. It is definitely my kind of makeup, being light and natural. If you like glowy and quick makeup, I would definitely recommend you try out their makeup. Let me know if you want a post all about Glossier.

13 Reasons Why

At first I didn’t really want to watch this, because I had heard some mixed reviews. But once I started watching this, I couldn’t stop. It is so interesting and really shows how one persons actions effect others. The only thing I don’t like about it is the language.

Apple Watch 


My Apple Watch has been so handy since I got it. It is great for tracking your fitness, and also is great for people who don’t want to constantly hold their phone. I think this will be really nice during the school year when I am more busy.


For quite a while I have had candles but never lite them. I just thought “what’s the point.” But now I understand. Lighting candles is so relaxing and makes your room seem so much more cozy. My favorite one is the Birthday one from Bath and Body Works (sorry to you all from the UK).

Brandy Melville


I had heard people talking about Brandy Melville, but I never had any interest in their clothes until recently. Honestly it is my favorite store. Everything… and I mean EVERYTHING is so cute! I would love everything in that store! Alright I will calm down. They aren’t too expensive to be unreasonable but they aren’t Forever 21. I will definitely be purchasing more clothes from Brandy Melville.

Homemade Coffee

I love a certain coffee from a local coffee shop, but buying coffee can add up. My favorite order is an iced white chocolate mocha. I recently tried to make it on my own with success! I make my coffee in our Keurig and then put it in the fridge over night. Then in the morning I add vanilla syrup, white chocolate sauce and almond milk. It tastes almost the same, and it is a lot cheaper.



This isn’t anything new, but I love the look of tons of plants in a room. I am slowly growing my plant collection but I am running out of room in my room. I also think it is so pretty to have vines or hanging plants draping down. I only have one right now, but I am going to keep growing my collection lol.

Infused Water

Like I said, I make my coffee in a mason jar, but once I am done with my coffee I put two slices of lemon in the jar. Then I add some water and constantly drink that. Infused water is so good for you and it also helps me drink more water through out the day. I am going to try using cucumber water soon, which I have also heard is great.

Kristin Johns


My favorite Youtuber recently has been Kristin. I love that she is a Christian and talks about her faith. Also I like her fashion, makeup and dogs lol. She is pretty positive and fun to watch.

Those are all of my random August Favorites! I hope you enjoyed, please like and comment if you did! Thank you so so much for reading!  -Briana

Question: What’s one thing you have been loving during August??

4 thoughts on “August Favorites!

  1. My daughter Loveeeeesssss Brandy Melville! The clothing is super cute! I dream of having an Apple Watch that’s what I’m saving for that and a laptop lol great post! I love all your August favorites!

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