Fast and Natural School Makeup

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you the makeup I am going to use to do a fast and natural school makeup look. I don’t like to wear much makeup to school because… I don’t care lol. So please follow me and lets get into it. 🙂

bts makeup over.jpg

G l o w y   P r i m e

The first thing I do is prime my skin… kind of. I use the Loreal Lumi Glowtion on my cheek bones and on the ridge of my nose. This will give me a subtle glow under the rest of my makeup.

C o n c e a l e r

The next thing I do is use a concealer. I actually use two, I use the Glossier Stretch Concealer to cover any pimples I have and then I use the IT Under Eye Corrector under my eyes. These to work really nicely together and look really natural. I apply both of these with my fingers.

B r o n z e r

Next I want to add a bit of color into my face so I go in with the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I use this on the edges of my face lightly, in the areas where you would normally contour. I also bring this down my neck a bit and then dust the extra all over my face.

bts makeup side

B l u s h

If I feel like it I will put on a bit of blush to give me a bit more color. I use the Milk Makeup Lip and Cheek in werk. I will just dab a little bit of this onto my cheeks and then blend with my finger until I’m happy with the color.

B r o w s

If I have the time I will use a brow gel. I just got the Maybelline brow precise fiber volumizer. It has fibers in it to help make your brows thicker and fill them in fast. I will just brush a light layer of this over my brows.

M a s c a r a

Then finally I will put on some mascara. My favorite is Brooklyn and Bailey’s Lash Next Door. I will apply a few layers of this depending on how natural of a look I am feeling.

All together this look takes around 5 minutes for me to do. It is basically a no makeup makeup look that is perfect for school. Please like and comment if you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!!   -Briana

Question: What is your favorite makeup item?? Mine is mascara

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