Sephora Haul!! + Review

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you what I recently got from Sephora and a mini review about each product. I didn’t buy this with my own money, I returned quite a few things from my birthday and I ended up with a nice gift card to Sephora. So anyways, please follow me and enjoy!!

sephora haul all.jpg

M i l k   M a k e u p   L i p   A n d   C h e e k 

The next thing I got was the Milk Makeup lip and cheek in Werk. I really like this product because of how natural it is. I also love that it is a two in one, so it is perfect for getting ready fast. It blends super easily and looks so natural. You also only use a little bit, so you won’t be going through this very fast.

F r e s h   R o s e   F a c e   C r e a m

Next I got this Fresh rose moisturizer. I was having a really hard time deciding between this one and the Orgins Ginseng Moisturizer. Please let me know if you have tried either one. I wanted a nice moisturizer to help moisturize my combination skin. This one smells really nice and has a cooling feel. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my skin, but my face is moisturized nicely. Sadly I decided to return this product for the moisturizer later in this haul.

 B e n i f i t   H o o l a   B r o n z e r

Then I picked up the iconic Benefit Hoola bronzer. I didn’t really understand what was so great about this, but it is amazing! It looks natural enough, but also does give you some warmth. I love to use this as a really natural contour and to give my face a nice glow. I definitely recommend you try out this bronzer if you are on the hunt for a good one.

S e p h o r a   P e a r l   F a c e   M a s k

Then the last thing I got was this face mask from Sephora. I have heard great things about this, but have yet to try it. I actually decided to return this as well, because I came to my senses and thought I would rather put $6 towards something else at Sephora.

T a r t e l e t t e   I n   B l o o m   E y e s h a d o w   P a l e t t e

sephora haul palette.jpg

The first thing I quickly decided on was this tartelette in bloom eyeshadow palette. I have wanted this forever and I really like Tarte eyeshadows. I really love the natural colors in this palette. The packaging is also super pretty and handy with the big mirror. I think this is definitely one of my favorite palettes.

O r i g i n s  G i n z i n g

This is the moisturizer I decided to go for instead of the Fresh one. Not only did I like it more, but it is also natural and cruelty free, so that is amazing. I think it helps give my face a nice glow, while not being oily. It also moisturizes my skin nicely.

F i r s t   A i d   B e a u t y   T i n t e d   M o i s t u r i z e r

I had heard about this product a little and was on the hunt for a nice tinted moisturizer for days when I want more coverage so I made an impulse buy. I wanted a medium to light weight tinted moisturizer that is also good for your skin, which is why I went for this one. I think this is amazing so far, it isn’t very heavy and it seems to soak into your skin verses sitting on top of it. It gives your skin a healthy glow and a nice tint. I really like this product, the only thing is that the container is pretty small.

That is everything I got! I am pretty happy with how much I liked the products. Thank you so much for reading, and please like and comment if you enjoyed!!   – Briana

Question: What is one product (anything) you would recommend??



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