How To Be Happier!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be giving you some tips on how to be happier and more positive throughout your day! Please follow me if you aren’t already, and enjoy!


M u s i c

The first way to be happier is to listen to music! Put together a positive playlist and listen to it while you are driving, cleaning, showering or any other time. Music helps improve your mood you can’t help but to sing a long to your favorite song.

E n v i r o n m e n t

The next way to be happier is to have a happy and bright environment. Somethings that make me happy are plants, my family, candles and my pets. So in my room I have a lot of plants and pictures of my family and pets in my room. Candles also help me feel happier and cozy while I am in my room.

L i t t l e   T h i n g s


Find some little things that make you happy, like a happy phone wallpaper like this one. I use Pinterest to find cute phone wallpapers. You can also find happy clothing and school supplies. Just anything that will brighten your day in a little way.

W a l k

Something I have been doing is walking my dog when it isn’t raining. I find the quiet time to myself relaxing and makes me feel better. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, but enough time for you to get away. Doing a workout also helps me feel happier throughout the day. Obviously the walk is more relaxing, but the workout is also rewarding. Other forms of exercise outside help brighten my mood, like biking.

F e e l   G o o d

Next make sure you feel good about yourself. On days when I am not feeling as happy, I will do my makeup and put on a cute outfit. When you feel good about yourself, it will show to other people. I like to wear comfy clothes that are also cute, like sweaters. Whatever you wear make sure you are happy with how you look and comfortable.

W r i t e 

Writing down whats going on in your life and what you are worried or happy about is a really great thing to do. At night I like to write down three good things that happened to me that day in my planner. I also do weekly updates in a notebook, mostly about things I’m worrying about lol. Then I can look back on what I was worrying about and kind of reflect.

B r e a k s

Make sure you don’t over work and you give yourself breaks. Breaks can be anything from a 10 minute walk or a day off. Normally what I do is have a spa night after the day. I will do a face mask, take a shower, and watch a movie. It’s important that you don’t overwork and that you take care of yourself.

Y o u t u b e 

Something that personally makes me happy is watching Youtube videos. I like to watch positive and happy Youtubers like Kristin Johns and Ava Jules. Its fun to watch routine videos or fun vlogs that will boost your mood. If you don’t like Youtube, watch a movie or TV show on Netflix.

G o   O u t

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house when a walk isn’t cutting it. Go to a local coffee shop and read, go to the gym, visit a friend, or meet some friends at a restaurant. Going out helps me feel more thankful to be home and not so bored when I am home. Try to find a hobby that you can put some effort in, if just doing small things isn’ fun to you. One thing I like to do is pre write blog posts.

N o   E l e c t r o n i c s

Sometimes constantly being on your phone can discourage you or make you feel crummy. I find sometimes that getting off of my phone or at least social media can boost my mood. Get off of your phone and go hang out or talk with your family or friends.

R e a d

Finally I love to read. If you feel a little depressed or really stressed read one of your favorite books. It helps you escape from reality for a little while. I read every night before I go to bed to help me relax.

I hope these tips help you feel happier everyday! Thank you so much for reading and for following me! Please like and comment if you enjoyed!  -Briana

Question: What cheers you up???


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