My Favorite Youtubers!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you some of my favorite Youtubers! It can be kind of frustrating when you don’t know who to watch, so I decided to do another one of these post with an update of the youtubers I love! Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!


K r i s t i n    J o h n s

First of all is my favorite youtuber, Kristin Johns! She seems like such a sweet and creative person. She does a lot of different videos like beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. She also has a channel with her husband. They are both Christians and incorporate faith into some of her videos. She is so gorgeous and just lovely to watch!


S u m m e r    M c k e e n

Next is Summer Mckeen. She has a lot of different types of videos like beauty, fashion, lifestyle and vlogs. She lives in L.A. and is super busy so it’s pretty entertaining to watch. She also travels pretty frequently which is really fun to watch.


A v a    J u l e s

Ava Jules is super funny, but also creates the kind of content I like to watch which is beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. She is super quirky and lives in Hawaii, which is cool. I love the style of her videos and how honest she is.


J e s s    C o n t e

Next is Jess Conte, she is also a Christian youtuber. She just came out with some of her own home wear line. Her and her husband have a channel together and they also have merch. She is Australian (so you get to hear her accent which I want lol) and lives in L.A.


B r o o k l y n    a n d    B a i l e y 

Brooklyn and Bailey are twins who make youtube videos. They do some videos that I really enjoy because they are just going to college. It is fun to see some of the things that happens when you are at college. They are also so happy and positive.


S h a n e    D a w s o n

If you like conspiracy theory videos or anything of that sort, you would really like Shane Dawson. He does really interesting videos that have a lot of research involved in them. He also just started a few new series. They are really entertaining to watch so you should check them out if you like those things.


S a d i e    S a y s    H e y

Another favorite youtuber of mine is Sadie Aldis. She seems super sweet and her videos are so aesthetically pleasing. She does mostly lifestyle videos and some beauty.


H a n n a h    M e l o c h e 

Last but not least is Hannah Meloche. Hannah has very similar content to Summer Mckeen. She also has a vlog channel that shows what she does in her everyday life.

Those are all of the Youtubers I love to watch! Please like and comment if you enjoyed! Thank you so much for reading!    -Briana

Question: What is your favorite Youtuber??

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Youtubers!

  1. I get too bored watching lifestyle videos, I enjoy channels that take the piss out of others, as horrible as that is, haha! Like Cody Ko, plus he’s so handsome.

    Rachel ||

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