How To Prepare For Fall!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to show you how to prepare for fall! These are all just fun things you can do to change a it and just get really excited and ready for fall! Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!

*all images are not my own and are from Pinterest*

H a i r

The first thing to do is change your hair! This really just depends on how much of a change you want. I just cut mine and got more layers, but for fall going darker in color is fun. If you follow Zoe Sugg you probably saw she just dyed her hair dark brown and I love it! So… if you are into big change, dye your hair darker!


C l o t h e s

Next you need some fall clothes! Some of my favorite things are cardigans and sweaters because they are so comfy and also cute. I also love layered dresses, a dress with a long sleeve shirt underneath is so cute! Something else that is a favorite is vans or converse, they are just so simple, yet cute.


N a i l s

To help you feel more fally (what?) get your nails done or do them yourself. Use a fall color like a dark red or maroon. If you are more in the Halloween mood, I recommend looking on Pinterest for some inspiration.


B o o k

Because fall can be kind of cold depending on where you live I like to stay inside and listen to the sound of rain while reading a book. You should definitely have spare book on hand just so when you are feeling cozy you can read. It is also fun to re-read some old books or some of you favorite ones.


M a k e u p

You definitely need some new fall makeup! You can always treat yourself to anything but somethings that change when fall comes around is eyeshadow and lipstick. I really want to get my hands on a new lip shade that isn’t too dark. This is a great thing to do if you don’t really want to change anything too drastically, but you are in the mood for change. I love this makeup look, with a darkish lip.


T e a

You also need some tea for a cozy night in while you read. I really like any kind of tea but some of my favorites are mint, vanilla chai and one called sleepy time tea. I love to drink tea in the morning, at night, and any time in between when I feel like it. It is so relaxing to sit in a cozy blanket and drink some tea while reading.

T a n

Next, because I am not quite ready to get rid of all of summer, I like to use some tanner. I don’t do this all of the time, just when I want to have some glow. I just use one from the drugstore and I do this a couple times a month.

S c e n t

My personal favorite is a fall scent! I love to have some fall scents everywhere! My favorite candle is from Bath and Body Works and it is in the scent leaves, but all of their fall scents are amazing! I also love to have a fall scent thing in my car and a body mist.


F a l l Β  Β S t u f f

Last, you just need some fall or halloween decorations! I am obsessed with mini pumpkins! They are so cute and such a cheap way to make your house look a little bit more festive. I also think that leave garlands are super cute and festive. Anything that is cheap and festive I love lol.

That is how I prepare for fall and Halloween! Thank you so much for reading this post! Please let me know if you liked it, by liking this post and commenting! Β  -Briana



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