Room Decor That You Need!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to show you some decor pieces that will change your room. Basically these are things that make my room more cozy and aesthetically pleasing. Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!


ROOM DECOR - Bed and shelves.jpg

B o d y    P i l l o w

The first thing you need to make your room look cozy but also cute is a body pillow. With most you are able to change the cover, so if you redo your room or you just want a festive one it is perfect. Mine is light pink and is very soft, which gives off a cozy vibe. During the Christmas season I am going to get a Christmas cover for it to make my room more festive. Also in the picture you can see my festive fall shelves.


ROOM DECOR - propogated plants.jpg

P r o p a g a t e d    P l a n t s

Propagated plants are basically when you cut off a part of a full grown plant and then put it into some water. Then roots will grow from the clippings and you get another plant. Not only does this slowly grow you another plant, but it looks pretty cute in the process. I got two glass jars/vases from the dollar store and they look very cute. Just be careful putting these somewhere where they could get knocked over.


ROOM DECOR - Candles.jpg

C a n d l e s

Something super simple, yet to nice to have are candles. I LOVE festive candles or any candles for that matter. I have 7 candles in my small room, which is crazy (I don’t use all of them at once). If you like to have a subtle scent like me, just take the lids off. That way you will barely smell them.


ROOM DECOR - comforter.jpg

W h i t e    C o m f o r t e r

Something that I recently got and am in love with is a white comforter. The one I have is down and so comfy. It is also so easy to change or decorate. You can use it as a duvet inside thing or just a white comforter. I also think it looks very cute if you put a colored blanket over part of it, to give it a little color.


ROOM DECOR - Pictures.jpg

P i c t u r e s

Pictures are a super simple way to make a room look cute and personal. I have some strings lights with little clips on them to hold the pictures. I have some pictures of my dogs hanging up and also a printed quote. Fairy lights somehow really make a room look cozy.


ROOM DECOR - plant 2.jpg

P l a n t s    a n d    C a c t i

Plants and cacti make a room look so great and adorable. I have run out of room in my room for plants. I have some of my plants in clear containers, which look modern. For the rest of the plants I have them in containers with prints like marble, spots, and geometric patterns.

These are all of the home decor pieces I think is a necessity! Thank you so much for reading! Please like and comment if you enjoyed!  -Briana

Question: What is your favorite home decor piece you have??


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