Things To Do On a Rainy Day!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to give you some ideas of things you can do on a rainy day during fall. But first please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!


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M o v i e    M a r a t h o n

The first thing you can do is have a movie marathon. You can do this with friends, family or by yourself. Pick some of your favorite movies or favorite series and watch them all day. I just started rewatching Harry Potter, and now I am addicted again. This idea is more for when you are feeling tired or like you need a nice break.

C l e a n    a n d    D e c o r a t e

Next you can deep clean your room or house. I know things can tend to get cluttered around this time of year, so a rainy day is the perfect time to change that. Get some bins and organizational things and organize and clean. Then you can add some fall decor or candles or something festive.

B a k e

You can also spend the day baking or cooking. I know I love fresh baked food, so this one sounds appealing. I love banana or zucchini bread and anything sweet. Find a bunch of fall recipes on Pinterest and spend the day making some. You can also bring some to friends, family, or neighbors.

C o z y    R e a d

I just love feeling super cozy while reading, and the rain helps this. Make yourself some tea and dive into a good book. Sometimes I like to read outside on the porch when it is raining because I like the sound of the rain. Other times I like to read inside with a blanket if it is too cold. Sometimes it is fun to read an old favorite book too.

S p a    D a y

Spend the day doing fun spa things and treat yourself. Paint your nails, do a face mask, take a bath, do a hair mask, shave and do anything else you need to treat yourself.

W o r k o u t

Next something you can do is workout. Go to the gym or just do a workout at home. If you don’t feeling like doing something exhausting, do yoga or pilates. A walk is also a fun way to get exercise without being super tiring. This is a great way to clear your mind and help you relax.

D I Y ‘ s

Something else you can do is do some DIY’s. Some of my favorite things to diy are room decor or clothes. You can make some T-shirts or basically any cute room decor. I get all of my ideas from Pinterest.

T h r i f t i n g

Another thing that kind of ties into the DIY one is to go thrifting at a local thrift store. I have found some of my favorite pieces of clothing from a thrift store. It is also fun to find cheaper things that someone else just got bored of. Go to a few different thrift stores in your town and see what you find.

C a r v e    P u m p k i n s

Something festive you can do when it is raining is carve pumpkins. Obviously you have to have pumpkins so either that or you can go to any store and get some. This is a fun thing to do with kids or family or even friends. Look on Pinterest for some ideas and enjoy!

M a k e u p

If you are in a fun mood you can experiment with makeup. Try something you have wanted to do because no one will see it if you mess up. You can also recreate one of your favorite makeup looks from social media. Or if you are feeling crazy try to contour and do your makeup crazy so it doesn’t look like you lol.

Those are all of the ideas of things you can do when it is raining! I hope you enjoyed, please like and comment if you did! Thank you so much for reading!   -Briana

Question: What do you like to do on a rainy day??



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