What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging || Blogging Tips


Hey everyone! Today I am going to be chatting about some things I wish I had known before I started blogging and also add in some tips for people who just started blogging. I have done a few of these before, but I keep learning new things so… Anyways, please enjoy and don’t forget to follow me!

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I have been blogging for a little over a year and this is what I have learned…

Social Media

When you first start blogging all you think of is writing posts, and then putting them up, but it is a lot more than that. Social media helps so much with growing your blog. Twitter is the best for blogs in my opinion and there are a lot of supportive bloggers on Twitter.

Instagram is another social media site I have for my blog. I don’t think I get many views from Instagram, but I still use it. I am a private person, so I don’t post pictures of myself, so I definitely post more on Twitter.

I currently have 3,531 followers on Twitter and 241 followers on Instagram, so you can see the difference of how fast you gain followers on Instagram. I did get Instagram a little bit after twitter, but I still find it hard to gain followers on Instagram.

Social Media Techniques

There are tons of different ways to get views from social media but here are the ones that I think work.

There are a lot of different blogger threads on Twitter, where you can advertise your blog and new posts. These are super helpful because you can scroll through them and support other bloggers, see what kind of posts people enjoy and get more views on your own blog. Just know that you can’t expect people to support your blog, when you don’t support others.

Another thread that is on Twitter is a comment thread. These are basically where you comment of peoples post’s and they return the comments. You can also host your own thread and have people retweet it.

There are also hashtags, which is basically this sign # with a word after it. People can search for certain hashtags and then view their post. So I will use hashtags about what my posts were about. There are also certain hashtags that are more popular, so you basically have to test them out.

Giveaways are another way to gain followers. This one obviously isn’t free, but if you feel like doing this, it is a great way to get exposure. Have certain rules for the giveaway that will get you followers or views. Then advertise it a ton on your blog and social media.

Photography and Editing

Something else I have learned is that photography is key! People don’t like to just read, they like visuals as well. So make sure to include pictures in your posts.

Also take the time to create a nice background. Use fake flowers, plants, wallpaper, and anything else you can find to make a cute layout.

Editing is also super important because it can really change a picture. You can see the following pictures are before and after being edited. The edited one is obviously a lot nicer and just looks more professional. I use Fotor Photo Editor, which is a free app.


So having a blog doesn’t mean you need fancy equipment, but I am not going to lie, it does help. I for one don’t have much fancy equipment. I have a nice laptop and a Nikon camera (which I LOVE).

I use a Nikon D3400, which I think is a very nice camera, because it isn’t super expensive for cameras but it is still great. Using a camera makes your blog look more professional and put together.

I would also recommend having a good laptop so you can edit, write and do anything else you need to. I have a MacBook Air, which works very well for me. If you are very hardcore (lol) you might want to go for a MacBook Pro.


When I first started blogging I was just a beauty blogger. I thought that I needed to buy things to review them and to get followers which isn’t true.

You can do so many things that you don’t need to buy things for, like DIY’s, different blog post ideas, discussions, and things like “fun things to do at Christmas time”. Posts where you just talk.

Now that I am a lifestyle AND beauty blogger it is so much easier to come up with post ideas. When I do buy makeup or beauty purchases, I might do a review or a haul on my blog, but I don’t go out and buy products to review.

Brand Deals

I haven’t had many brand deals, but they are pretty great. You get payed (or given products) to write like you normally would. But make sure you aren’t lying to your followers. You will definitely lose your credibility if you lie to your followers about liking something.

As for getting brand deals, use social media. Sometimes brands will use these hashtags: #bloggerswanted, #influencerswanted, #prrequest, and more. Search for these hashtags and get into touch with the brands. Give them your email and see what happens. Most of the time these posts get a lot of attention so it is competitive.

Comments and Questions

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting comments! It just makes me so happy that people read, enjoyed, and took time out of their day to comment on my post. I try to spread this happiness when I can.

Something simple you can do to get more exposure is to add your url to your comment. So just comment as usual, but then link your blog at the end of the comment. That way they can check out your blog if they want to.

In order to increase your comments ask questions throughout your post. Scroll down to the bottom of this post and see what I mean. I will always leave a question for the readers at the end of one of my posts. This kind of starts conversation and is a good way to get to know some bloggers or get some tips.


Make sure you have specific days that you post. I post every three days. You can post on certain days of the week if that works better for you, or how I do it.

Also don’t post a post you don’t really love and are proud of. Don’t come up with dumb ideas that you find boring, because if you think it is boring then so will your readers. Write about something that you find interesting and if there isn’t anything at the moment take a small break to get inspired.

Do What You Love

The last thing is only blog about what you love. Don’t do certain posts because they are popular or because it is cool. I started blogging because I was really into beauty and I still am.

Also make sure you are blogging because you love it. Don’t do it to make money, because you won’t succeed. You need to have your heart into it, in order to get anything out of it. Enjoy your blogging!


Those are all of the blogging tips I have! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to like and comment!

Question: What helps you gain followers or views?


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  1. I already had a macbook pro and canon 700d when i started blogging, i didnt get it specifically for that so im glad i already had those resources but now i dont know how i’d blog without my camera! I think for laptop, any cheap one will do so long as you can access the internet!

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