My 12 Favorite Things

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be telling you about my 12 favorite things. Obviously I am not going to write down my family and pets and things like that, but actual things that I love. Also I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving! Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!

*images not mine*

1.   W r i t i n g

The first thing that I love is writing, whether it is fiction or journaling, I love it. I write every single day. I will write down three good things that happened at night, and during the day I will either blog or write what want to. Writing is a super good way to get out stress, or do something fun without being on electronics.

2.   G l o s s i e r

A brand that I love is Glossier. I am all about natural and fast makeup, which is basically Glossier. Their motto is something like “skincare first, makeup second,” which I really love. I use their milky jelly cleanser, stretch concealer, balm dot com, and I have tried a couple other things. I really want to get more products from them. If you want to read more about what I think about Glossier, read my Glossier Review!

3.   P o d c a s t s

My next favorite thing is podcasts. I love to listen to podcasts when I am doing something that requires my sight and I can’t watch a youtube video. I just started listening to them so my favorites are: What we said, and pretty basic. Please let me know of your favorites!

4.   C a n d l e s

I love candles so much! They make rooms feel so cozy and festive. I normally get Bath and Body Works candles because they have so many festive scents. Some of my favorites are leaves, ’tis the season, and birthday cake.

5.   R e a d i n g

I LOVE reading so much! It is such a great way to escape for a while. My favorite books are Divergent, Harry Potter, The Maze Runner, Diamond in my Pocket, and The Hunger Games. Please please please let me know some of your favorite books because I am always looking for new books.

6.   A d v e n t u r e s

I love to adventure even though I don’t do it much. I love traveling and exploring and doing things in the outdoors like hiking. I love the feeling that they give me and I would love to go on more adventures. Some things I want to try are hiking mountains, skiing, surfing, zip lining, and road tripping.

7.   C r i m e   S h o w s

I love watching TV but I mostly watch crime shows. They are so interesting to me and I really enjoy watching them. Some of my favorites are Sherlock, Cold Justice, Forensic Files, and Broadchurch.

8.   F e s t i v e   T h i n g s

I am always in the mood to be festive and decorate everything. I love Christmas time and basically any other time that you get to decorate for. I love to listen to Christmas music (just ordered Jess and Gabriel’s Christmas album) way before Christmas. I also like to decorate for fall and Halloween. I am also one to wish for snow really early and drive all my friends crazy.

9.   Y o u t u b e

I love to kill some time watching videos on youtube. I have tons of favorite youtubers so these are the top ones: Kristin Johns, Summer Mckeen, Haley Pham, Brooklyn and Bailey, Cole and Sav, Sadie Aldis, Ava Jules, Jessica Reid, Marcus and Kristin, Hannah Meloche, and Zoella. Sorry for that long list, but I love to know what youtubers everyone likes to watch.

10.  E x e r c i s e

You are probably thinking, what? But hear me out. I love to get exercise when I feel like it. Something that I have doing lately is watching a movie with my sister, but during the movie we exercise. I really like to do this because, one you are being entertained while you are exercising and two you are exercising with someone else. I also love going on walks with my dogs and getting a little bit of running in there.

11.   P h o t o g r a p h y

The next thing I love is photography! I have a Nikon D3400 which I love so much! It takes amazing pictures. Photographing animals and nature on any adventure I have are so much fun. It is also fun to me to take product pictures for my blog because you have to be creative in order to get a good picture. Also I didn’t take this picture but I thought it was beautiful.

12.   P i n t e r e st

Pinterest is one of my absolute favorite things! I love to use Pinterest to get inspiration for basically anything. They have great quotes, outfits, hair and makeup ideas, funny memes and anything else. You can follow my blog on Pinterest my name is The Beauty of Bliss Blog.

Those are 12 of my favorite things! I hope you enjoyed and have a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy the food and I am very thankful for you reading this post!   -Briana

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