Gift Guide!! 2018

Hey everyone, merry Christmas! Today I am going to be showing you a teen gift guide. These are things that mostly any teenage girl would like. Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!

*Images not my own*

Large Gifts

This first category is for larger gifts that are more expensive.

Apple AirPods

The first thing are Apple AirPods. These are wireless earbuds that connect to your phone or Apple Watch. They are $159 which is pretty expensive, but any teenager that likes music or videos would like these.

North Face or Patagonia Jacket

If the teenager likes to go outside or just likes to look cute (or both) a north face or Patagonia jacket would be a great gift. I really like the fuzzy ones because they are super cozy, which every teenager loves. Neutral colors would be best because they go with anything unless you know of the color that they want. These are both $100 but they last a long time so they are a good investment.

HP Sprocket

This is a portable printer that uses no ink. You can print pictures right from your phone and the back of the photo is sticky so you can stick it to anything. I think these are super cute for someone who takes a lot of pictures with their friends or likes photography. This is $149.

Apple Watch

If the person you are shopping for is really into exercise and always on the go, I recommend an Apple Watch. These are $400 for one that does not have cellular data in the newest version (which is the one I linked).


If you know someone that is coffee OBSESSED a Keurig is a great option for a larger present. This will save them some money instead of buying Starbucks every day. They have a mini Keurig that is $99.

Medium Gifts

This category is for medium sized gifts that are kind of spendy but not too bad.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

For the girl that likes makeup this is a great palette that has great colors in it. This palette is from Sephora and is $42. I have this and I think it is great quality and a great palette to have by itself.

YouTuber Merch

If you know that they like to watch youtube get them one of their favorite you tubers merchandise. Most of the time there will be a link in the you tubers videos if they have any merch.

Poloroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are very trendy right now because of how cute and retro they are. It makes it really simple to take a picture and print it out, which is why a lot of teenagers love it. This one is from Urban outfitters and it is $59 on sale right now.

Skincare Kit

If you know someone that loves skincare and you know a certain brand that they love, get them a skincare kit. These include a couple of the products a brand has so you can test them out. This one is from First Aid Beauty and it is $48.

Bryon Anthony’s Necklace

Bryon Anthony’s Necklaces are super cute and dainty. They also have really great meanings behind them which I think is super cool. They are around $40. You can see which one I want in my Christmas Wishlist.


HydroFlasks are amazing water bottles that keep your beverage really cold for a long time. They are amazing and a great gift for an athlete or pretty much anyone. They are around $32 but they last a really long time.


Speakers are super handy to have. There are many different types and brands of speakers, but a good investment are Bose speakers. They have a very small speaker that is $79 called the Micro Waterproof Speaker.


If you are kind of stumped on what to get, perfume is a good option. One that I think smells great is Ariana Grande’s Cloud Eau de Perfum. It smells really nice and cozy but there are a bunch of other options of perfume. This one is around $50 but comes in several sizes that are cheaper and more expensive.

Smaller Gifts

These are gifts that are smaller and not as expensive but are things any teenager would love.


Something that is small and really useful is a planner. You can get them one for the upcoming year. This one from Urban Outfitters is super cute but you can find cheaper ones at mostly any store.


Like I said earlier, everyone loves to be cozy and a soft and cute blanket is perfect for that. This one is also from Urban Outfitters but you can find a nice blanket for cheaper at Target or another store. Again, go with neutral colors because it would basically go with any room theme.


I don’t know about every teenager, but I certainly love candles. They can be pretty expensive at some stores, but Bath and Body Works has good sales every now and then. They have great candles and also other things like, lotions and body mists that smell amazing.

Waffle Maker

This one is kind of random but it is super cute and useful. If they like to cook or maybe they want to this mini waffle maker is really useful. It is only $18 and comes in a few colors.

Lush Products

Something that is a really great gift is anything from Lush. They have bath bombs, face masks, soap, lotion, bubble bath, bubble bars and a bunch of other things. They also have sets that are more expensive.

Starbucks Cup

Pretty much every girl cannot have enough cups. Starbucks cups are a great way to go and they are really easy because you can add a gift card inside and you are good.


Something that is a great present for pretty much anyone is a subscription. There is Netflix for someone who likes to watch TV. Spotify is perfect for anyone who likes to listen to music. Ipsy is great for someone who wants to try out more makeup. There are also normal magazine subscriptions like Seventeen. There are tons of other subscriptions out there for anyone.

Those are all of the great gifts that people would love! I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for reading and Merry Christmas!   -Briana

Question: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

3 thoughts on “Gift Guide!! 2018

  1. I have one teenage niece right now and she is into makeup but she prefers a more natural look. I picked up some Glossier products for her. They’re a brand that caters to natural looks and I think is a little more appropriate for teens. I’m old school and didn’t get to wear a lot of makeup growing up either.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Glossier is my favorite makeup brand! It is perfect for teenagers or anyone who likes more natural makeup 😊


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