My Workout Routine!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be telling you my everyday workout routine. I try to exercise everyday but obviously I take breaks in that routine. I mainly focus on abs because I am a dancer and my legs and arms are already pretty strong but I included a few exercises for that anyways. Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!

Something I like to do daily if I can is going on walks with my dogs. I like to include this either during or after my workout routine.


Crunches – 20

Crunches with legs up – 20

Reverse crunches – 20

Crunches with legs in a v – 20

Russian twists with 10lb weight (legs off ground) – 20

Russian twists with 10lb weight (legs on ground) – 20

Flutter kicks – 30

Raised leg circles (same position as flutter kicks) – 10 each way

Bicycles – 20



Pushups – 15

Curls with 10lb weight – 10 each arm

Plank – hold for as long as possible

Press up with 10lb weight – 10 each arm



Squats – 20

Glute bridge raises – 15



Lastly I do some stretching. I pretty much do whatever feels good or what I want to stretch. Here is a stretching guide that includes some of the stretches I do.


That is my workout routine that I like to do whenever I have time. There are a lot of great exercises on Pinterest, so you can definitely customize this. Thank you so much for reading and please like and comment if you enjoyed!      -Briana

Question: Have you done a workout routine post? Leave a link below!


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