Apple Watch, AirPods, etc. Are they worth it?| Apple Review

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be doing a bit of an Apple review. I am going to be sharing my honest opinion about the Apple Watch, AirPods, MacBook Air, and iPhone. Before you keep reading, please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!


The first thing I am going to be talking about is AirPods. I got these for Christmas, so I have had a few months to test them out. Overall I think they are really nice, but like all Apple products, they are overpriced. These are $159.

The battery is pretty good and I haven’t accidentally ran them dead yet. The annoying thing about them is that you need the case in order to charge them. Basically, if you are very prone to losing things, you are in trouble.

These are very nice for people who are on the go. If you exercise a lot or are out and about a lot, these are very nice. I also like these for just listening to music around the house. The quality of the sound is also really good to me.

They are super easy to connect to your devices. A few times though, they have disconnected automatically and have been a little annoying to fix.

Also if you are worried about them staying in your ears, test out the normal apple earbuds and see if they stay in. I haven’t had any issues with them not fitting right.

Worth it? Yes.

iphone apple review.jpg



Next is the iPhone. I have the iPhone SE which is pretty old but still working fine. I have had it for a few years and it works really well. It is also really durable because, not going to lie, I have dropped it a few times and it is fine.

I think that iPhones are really easy to use and simple. I feel like if you don’t have an iPhone already you should just jump on the bandwagon and get one. It is really nice to have all Apple devices so that they can all connect.

Worth it? Yes!

apple watch apple review 2.jpg


Next, the Apple Watch. I don’t have the newest one, but the one before that. I got this for my birthday at the end of summer, so I have had it for a while. I definitely have mixed thoughts about this, so lets get into it.

First of all, mine was Laaround $400 which is a lot of money. I think this is really overpriced for a watch. I like how it is water proof and also has a few cool features. I think this is really helpful for very busy people. This also is helpful for normal people but I don’t think it is as worth it.

I got the cellular version but I haven’t activated the cellular data yet (which is $10 per month I believe). I think that if you are wanting this to kind of replace your phone then I would recommend the cellular version but if you just want it for exercise and stuff, get the normal one.

An Apple Watch is really great for exercising as well, you can track everything. It also is nice if you don’t like to use your phone as much. Like I said, it is helpful for certain types of people more so than others. The battery life on this is also pretty good, I only charge it once every two days at night.

Overall I think this depends on how busy you are or how much you think you will use it.

Worth it? Kind of. 

macbook apple review.jpg

MacBook Air

Lastly is a MacBook Air. I LOVE my MacBook and I think it is amazing. I used to use an old windows computer and I think that the MacBook is so much better. I personally haven’t tried the other types of MacBooks but I think that the air works very well.

The only complaint I have is that I ran out of storage pretty quickly but that can be solved by just getting more storage in your computer. I love my MacBook Air so much and I think it works great for school work, blogging, youtube and pretty much everything. If you are very hardcore you might want to look into a MacBook Pro instead.

Worth it? YES!

That is everything! I am thinking about upgrading my iPhone, so let me know which one you have and if you like it. Please like and comment if you enjoyed! Thank you so much for reading!     -Briana

Question: What phone do you have? Do you like it?


What is your favorite Apple product?

2 thoughts on “Apple Watch, AirPods, etc. Are they worth it?| Apple Review

  1. I have never really been an apple fan and it’s not because I think they are not good. It’s because I’ve always had an Android and I just can’t get used to the Apple system. I get more frustrated than anything. Hunkie has an IPhone and he prefers it over Android. I think it is just preference. He is the apple man and I am the Android woman.
    Christine Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it’s always hard to switch phones and change everything. I have tried using an Android as well but the phone I got had quite a few issues which made me frustrated. I loved how it was waterproof though. Androids has some great features! Thanks for reading! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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