February Favorites!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be talking about all of the things that I have been obsessed with in the month of February! Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!

Hair Masks

I am trying to keep my hair healthy and make it thicker so lately I have been using hair masks every week. I normally use coconut oil, sea salt, olive oil, and vinegar. This really makes my hair shiny and feel a lot healthier.

Aspyn Ovard

If you haven’t seen, Aspyn Ovard just announced she is pregnant! Lately, I have really been into her videos about pregnancy and revealing it. I also really like a bunch of her other videos and her blog.

7M Workout for Women

I talked about this app a while ago and I am still loving it. It is a free app full of workouts. It talks you through them and is super easy to use. My favorite workout is the Victoria Secret model ab workout. It is pretty hard but I love it!

Bible Study

I recently bought a cute bullet journal and a bible to match. I have been getting into bible studying. I think it is really relaxing and therapeutic to do. If you want me to show you how I bible study let me know.


Something I have really been obsessed with is the surfing vibe. I really want to try out surfing, so I have been going crazy with beach things on Pinterest. I don’t know if this makes sense but I love everything beach bum lol. I also am just very excited for summer.


Lately I have been drinking a lot of smoothies. They don’t necessarily taste great but they are really good for you, so I have been trying to have one everyday. I put spinach, celery, ginger, frozen berries and stevia drops to sweeten it.

The Little Book of Life Hacks by yumi sakugawa

I just checked out this book from my library and I am now obsessed with it. It has a bunch of different tips and life hacks to be happier and healthier. It has beauty, health, cleaning, fashion and a bunch of other types of tips! It is also so cute because it is all little drawings and doodles.

Ryan Trahan

Another Youtuber that I recently subscribed to is Ryan Trahan. He does commentary type videos and is really hilarious. He is Haley Pham’s (one of my other favorite youtubers) boyfriend, so they also do videos together sometimes. He basically just reacts to videos like Dr. Phil segments and other youtubers. You should definitely check him out!

Those are all of my February favorites! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Please like and comment if you did!     -Briana

Question: What have you been loving in February??



4 thoughts on “February Favorites!

  1. These are awesome favourites, I need to try out that app because I get so uninspired to work out. I would love to see w post about bible studies because I find them so hard to do. I love listening to Christian podcasts though as they give me inspiration and give me other peoples thoughts and perspectives. Good luck with your surfing, I hope you love it!
    Alex xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The ones I like I got recommended by the lovely Milena Ciciotti on YouTube. I personally like Bridgetown Audio Podcast and Church of the City. My all time favourite is the Hillsong Church London podcast xx

        Liked by 1 person

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