My Adventures

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you some of the adventures that I have been on. One of my New Years resolutions was to go on more adventures and get pictures of them. I feel like I have done pretty well for the month of January. Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!


This first picture is from a hike we went on that was very high up. As you can see, we were on a huge rock on the top of a cliff. It was so amazing because you could sit on the edge, there wasn’t anything keeping you from falling. It was about a 5 mile hike all together, which wasn’t too hard but it was steep at points.


I also go this cute picture of the birds up there. They were super friendly because they are used to being fed.


It was so pretty up there. I discovered that I am not afraid of heights at all. My mom was panicking about me being so close to the edge.


This next picture was from a different hike that I went on. This view was actually from the road when I had my family pull over to get it.


I love this picture so much because I found the perfect branches framing the mountain in the distance. This hike was a lot of fun but unfortunately we couldn’t get to the lake at the end because it got too snowy. We didn’t realize that it would be snowy but it got too dangerous to keep going.


I also had to share a few pictures of my animals. It was our corgi’s first time seeing snow and as you can tell he loved it. He kept rolling around in it and biting off pieces of it.


Our other dogs really enjoyed the hike as well.



These last pictures are from yet another hike we went on. There wasn’t really a spectacular view or anything but I thought the pictures of nature that I got were still nice.



I also couldn’t help but add a few recent pictures from the snow. Our dogs are like children, they love the snow!

Those were all of my adventures for January! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed, please like and comment if you did. Also, let me know if you enjoy these types of posts.

Question: What is your favorite blog post you have ever done? (Link it so I can check it out!)

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