Places I Want to Go | Travel Inspo (Exciting Announcement!)

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you some traveling inspo and places that I really want to go to. One of my goals is to travel to some of these places because I haven’t traveled much in my life. Please enjoy these images from Pinterest and don’t forget to follow me!


I really want to go to Australia, not only because it is so beautiful but because they have my favorite animal… the platypus!

The UK

I have wanted to go to the UK for so long. It isn’t the typical kind of vacation but I think I would really enjoy visiting it, especially because many of the YouTubers I watch are from there.


I have always wanted to go to Hawaii just because of how amazing it is! I love their wildlife and just the Hawaiian vibe.


Greece is just so breathtakingly beautiful!


I haven’t traveled around the US very much and I would love to visit Florida sometime.


Egypt seems so incredibly cool with all of it’s history and also beautiful destinations.


Wow, just look at how beautiful this is!


Somewhere that not many people think about traveling to is Africa. I think it would be amazing to travel here and get to see the wildlife and culture.

New York

New York definitely wouldn’t be my top destination, but I would really like the opportunity to visit it.


Exciting Announcement!

I am excited to announce that I am going to be creating a new blog! I am using Wix now instead of WordPress. My new blog is going to be called Just My Thoughts! I am going to start adding in more news content like my Olivia Jade posts because everyone really enjoyed that!

I am still going to post a few posts on here just to transition over to the new blog. Over on the new blog I am going to start posting pictures of myself. I have been a little scared to do this, but whatever, it’s happening now!

It would mean so much to me if you would subscribe to my new blog which will be linked HERE. All of my social medias that you may follow are going to be changed to my new blog, just know that it is still me!


As you can probably tell, I would really love to travel basically everywhere. Thank you so much for reading and please follow me if you aren’t already!

Question: If you could go anywhere, where would you go?



4 thoughts on “Places I Want to Go | Travel Inspo (Exciting Announcement!)

  1. These photos just make me want to travel the world and see all of the beautiful places. I hope that you do see them and that you document them for all to see. I live in the UK and it really can be an amazing place, it hasn’t got the beautiful holiday weather but it’s still amazing. Congrats on your announcement, I will go and give it a follow now so that I can be completely caught up!
    Alex x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m very jealous! 😂 I wanted to add Thailand to the list as well, but it was getting long lol. Definitely post pictures of that!


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