I got my first hate comment :( | My Thoughts On Kindness (please read!)

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be doing something a bit different and a bit more of a heart to heart post. I don’t normally do these and I am a little bit nervous but here it goes.  Also, let me know if you like these types of posts and want to see more. I actually started to write this post a few days ago and then I stopped. Then I got a not so nice comment and it made me really want to keep writing this because it is so important.

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The other day I got my first “hate” (negative) comment. I am not going to talk much about what it said but it obviously wasn’t very nice. I really do not see the point in commenting negative things on bloggers posts that they put effort into. It really does make me sad that people feel the need to spread negativity like this, not just through comments.

I would like to say that I don’t care what people think, but obviously I do, being a blogger.  I like to comment nice and supportive things on other bloggers posts and it means a lot to me when people do the same. If you do as well, great! If you are someone that comments negative things, please stop and think about what that is going to accomplish. You are going to make that person feel bad about themselves, that’s it. You wouldn’t want someone to do that to you, so don’t do it to other people.

People that comment negative and hateful things are really quite sad. They could be sending a comment to someone who is already insecure about something or someone who is already depressed. You could have just wrecked their day, why would you do that? Make sure to think about your actions and how they can affect people, not just negatively but positively as well.

There is already a lot of negativity in this world and I think it is very important to spread positivity and kindness. I am obviously not a perfect example of this and I am going to be working on this as well. I like to use my blog as a positive platform even though I don’t have a ton of followers. If one person is reading this then that’s amazing!

This week, please try to be extra mindful of the kind of vibes you are giving off. Give someone a compliment, don’t complain as often, comment something nice, let someone into your lane when driving, smile at someone on the street. Really be mindful of your actions and set a good example. When someone is nice to you, it really does make you happier. When you are kind, people are more likely to do the same.

I pray that this reached someone and made an impact on you. Being positive and kind really does impact people a lot more than you would think so PLEASE try to do one of the things I listed above. Also, please let me know in the comments if you do and how it made you feel. Thank you so much for reading, following me and commenting nice things! 🙂

you truly are amazing and have the power to do so much, so make it count 🙂

17 thoughts on “I got my first hate comment :( | My Thoughts On Kindness (please read!)

  1. I’m sorry someone was unkind to you on your own blog! How rude!
    I feel as if the whole “everyone entitled to an opinion” concept is taken as a free-card to go around saying whatever we want, to whomever we want online with all common sense and compassion thrown out the window. I always say if I don’t like something online I close the page or scroll on. Keep being you! ❤️🤗

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    1. I totally agree, why comment something rude and make someone feel bad when you can just keep it to yourself. Thank you for reading! 💕


  2. I totally agree that people don’t have to leave negative comments. If they disagree, they can either say so and why or they can send the blogger an email without being a jerk. I now co-host a large linky party and I visit at least 60 blogs a week to show support for as many bloggers as I can. There’s always something positive to say about a post and if I can’t say anything nice at all, then I’d just move on without leaving a negative comment behind. Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

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  3. Sorry a jerk found your blog. I truly don’t get the negative, why do people take the effort? Sadly, I think they want to, ruin someone else’s day. Like I’m miserable, so let me share! 😡

    Keep on keeping on.

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  4. I’ll never understand leaving unkind comments. I read internet trolls are actually sociopathic and now I just let them go because they are trying to get a rise out of people and theyre simply not worth the energy. So Yes! Let’s bring more positivity into the world! Thank you for sharing!

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  5. I’m sorry that you had to experience this but there are definitely some harsh people out there! I received a negative comment last month and I blocked it. I couldn’t tell if it was a spam either because the email/site address looked a little fishy but that’s besides the point! It was negative. I didn’t like it. Got rid of it immediately! I love how you turned this experience into something more positive to try and encourage others to not be ugly to other bloggers! Great post & Happy Friday!


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  6. So sorry to hear someone was unkind to you on your blog, especially as so much hard work goes into each blog post. Absolutely agree that more positivity and kindness needs to be spread around a bit! Well done for writing this post about it ☺️

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  7. I enjoyed your blog, I’m just starting off, so I’m sure I’ll experience a hate comment as well. Like the other said, delete and keep moving forward.

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  8. Thank you for sharing your experience! I think it’s so important that we tell people it’s not O.K to say horrible things to people. When celebrities go on the TV to talk about the hate they receive, the TV hosts just sit there and say ‘yeah, but you knew this happened when you started to work online’. STOP. JUSTIFYING. How is that helpful? All it does is allow horrible trolls to keep doing what they’re doing. If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, then don’t say it online. And if you would say something horrible to someone’s face, have a good long think about the kind of person you are. Rant over. Great post.

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