9/11 Conspiracy Theory | Was this the government?

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be talking about a 9/11 conspiracy theory that is pretty widely known about and believed. This is obviously a conspiracy theory so please don’t take it too seriously. Also, this is a terrible event that killed many people and I am not trying to be disrespectful in any way. Please follow me if you aren’t already to see new posts every Friday.



What the theory is

This conspiracy theory is very interesting to me because many people actually believe it to be true. This conspiracy theory is basically that the government played a role in this attack. A study done by Chapman University found that over half of Americans think that the government is hiding information about 9/11. I have also heard things about the media coverage being fake.

The main theory that I have heard about 9/11 is that the buildings did not fall due to the airplanes crashing into them, instead it was a controlled demolition. Much of the proof they use is from the footage of the towers being hit.

One thing that draws my eye is the hole that the plane created in the Pentagon. Some people think that the hole is too clean and doesn’t look real. The hole in the Pentagon apparently caused by the plane crashing into it is 75 feet wide but the wingspan of a Boeing 757 is 124 feet. Experts said that it turned as it crashed, which would mean that the hole doesn’t have to be as large but this still doesn’t account for the “clean” impact sites. Many of the things that the plane was said to have hit didn’t actually look to be very damaged.




Something else that stands out to me are some of the images of the towers after impact. In the photo above you can see bursts way below the initial impact. The government says that these are just bursts of air from the floors above compressing down. People have pointed out that the floors are not sealed, therefore pressure wouldn’t build up inside of it until the windows break. To me it sounds more like that these bursts are a result from an explosion.

Not only does it seem like there were explosions inside the buildings based off of pictures and videos, many people involved in 9/11 have said that there were explosions. Out of 503 people 118 (23%) said that they witnessed explosions. Some of these people are firefighters and first responders.

The plane melted the steal?

There was also what many people to believe to be molten steal dripping out of the side of the building. Experts have said that a normal fire or even the jet fuel wouldn’t have been able to melt the steal of the building, it just wouldn’t have been hot enough.



Thermite was also found on the wreckage site. Basically put, thermite is the metal equivalent to kindling. This powder is used as an ignitor and it produces extremely high temperature, temperatures that may be high enough to melt the steal that was seen dripping out of the building.

Witness Quotes

These are some direct quotes that I found on Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

Craig Bartmer ( former NYPD officer): All of a sudden… I looked up, and… the thing started peeling in on itself… I started running… and the whole time you’re hearing thume, thume, thume, thume, thume. I think I know an explosion when I hear it.

Someone else said that they “heard this sound that sounded like a clap of thunder” and “It looked like there was a shock wave ripping through the building and the windows all busted out.” I am definitely not an expert about this, but that sounds like a shock wave that an explosion would cause.

I think it is very interesting to hear what many engineers and physicists have to say about this. Many of them refuse to believe that a plane could have caused the towers to fall as they did.

My conclusion

This whole thing is kind of confusing, I know. Some people said that they saw a plane crash into the world trade center, when it was reportedly a missile. Some witnesses may have been confused or in shock, I don’t know. Some parts of this conspiracy theory do make sense but other parts seem like speculation. However, I think it does say something when the government either ignores evidence, denies, or refuses to look into it.

I am not sure about this theory, but I do find the whole 9/11 situation to be a bit strange and very sad. I think I do agree with the idea of many Americans, that we don’t know all of the information. I would encourage you to look into this more yourself.

If you would like to know more information or check out where I got a lot of mine you can go to this website, they explain things more in detail than I did. There are also many videos on YouTube that explain more about this theory with videos of the crash. Thank you so much for reading and once again, my heart goes out to any families personally affected my this tragedy. Whatever you believe, it is still extremely heartbreaking.

What do you think about this conspiracy theory?






9 thoughts on “9/11 Conspiracy Theory | Was this the government?

  1. 9/11 was 100% an inside job. Just by watching the buildings fall you can use common sense and a basic understand of physics to know that the buildings had a controlled demolition. Not to mention Building 7…

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  2. I find myself getting so sucked into this theory overtime! But I do agree that the government are holding back information which I feel is such an injustice to the families affected by this event.

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  3. I think the conspiracy is true and they cane down for 3 reasons:
    1. Money- huge payout from insurance
    2. Government control: ability to spy with consent of the citizens at the time.
    3. Promote a new fear: radical Islamists and terrorist became apart of our society.

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  4. I love these kinds of posts. I really find conspiracy theories super interesting and 9/11 is my favorite to hear about. I listen to a Swedish podcast (I’m Swedish) who talk a lot about conspiracy theories, murders, kidnapping people and that kind of stuff and they recently talked about these theories you’ve mentioned. I especially think it’s really odd how the constructors first said the towers wouldn’t break by anything and then they just collapsed in the pancake effect…? And how some planes crashed and then just vanished, with all the passengers. I think 9/11 is a really confusing case as you said, but I also think the truth will always come out in some way or other.

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    1. Thanks for reading, I will definitely continue to post conspiracy theories! I also find them very interesting. That’s another point that I didn’t write about that is really interesting, thanks for pointing it out. I like to know all that I can about different conspiracy theories.

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